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Former Mike Tyson coach calls boxing “a mess” after Evander Holyfield KO

Former Mike Tyson Trainer Teddy Atlas is never one to pull any punches, and this wasn’t the case on the Evander Holyfield farce. Atlas waded straight in by entitling his latest newsletter, “Boxing Is A Mess,” when commenting on Holyfield’s loss at 58. Vitor Belfort, 44, took out boxing’s only two-weight undisputed cruiser and heavyweight […]

Triller find winning blend of hip hop and boxing after farcical Holyfield event

Triller bounced back from the Evander Holyfield debacle by scoring a TV winner with their latest edition of TrillerVerz. Holyfield‘s defeat last week scarred boxing. This time, Triller merged music and fighting to success with stars from the rap world, in what seems to be a niche that they can build on. Announcing their ratings […]

World Boxing Council warn commissions due to Evander Holyfield fallout

World Boxing Council chiefs got together this week to discuss the fallout of former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield’s knockout last weekend. Holyfield capitulated on 109 seconds against Vitor Belfort. But the warning signs were clear for all to see at the pre-fight workout. “The Real Deal” looked slow, sluggish, and bereft of sufficient movement. This […]

“Embarrassed” Evander Holyfield must never fight again – WBC President

Former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield must stay out of the ring and never again grace the arena he once conquered a long time ago. That’s the view of the experienced World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman. In his latest “12 Rounds” address, Sulaiman commented on the current trend of returning fighters for big-money […]

Evander Holyfield cleared for pro fight as VADA outline brain bleed dangers

Evander Holyfield got the all-clear to participate in a professional boxing match at the age of 58, at the same time VADA outlined the dangers. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency confirmed what World Boxing News stated over the last few days: the brain deteriorates considerably after 40. Taking punches to the head, especially heavyweight punches, can […]

Ex-champ on Holyfield drafted to fight at 58: “Money-hungry mutha f***ers!”

Ex-world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield risks his health and even his life by fighting Vitor Belfort approaching his sixties. That’s the view of former Floyd Mayweather fighters and super-welterweight world title-holder Ishe Smith. “Sugar Shay” is mortified that Triller sought out Holyfield to compete against a 44-year-old UFC legend when nobody in those advanced years […]

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Evander Holyfield fighting at 58 was bad, Donald Trump says hold my beer

Just when you thought Evander Holyfield fighting at 58 was bad enough and wondered which direction boxing is heading, Donald Trump entered the building. WBN has covered that Holyfield shipping any punches as he approaches his sixties could be detrimental to his long-term health. This fact seems to have been missed somewhere along the line. […]

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Evander Holyfield taking heavyweight punches at almost 59 is a disgrace

As World Boxing News lead contributor Dan Rafael first revealed, heavyweight Evander Holyfield is considering an offer from Triller to replace Oscar De La Hoya. After contracting coronavirus and being subsequently hospitalized, De La Hoya had to withdraw from his September 11th comeback with Vitor Belfort. Revealing his battle with the virus, De La Hoya […]

Holyfield files arbitration demand against Triller; McBride also disgusted

Former four-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield filed a demand for arbitration against Triller Fight Club on Wednesday, claiming breach of contract over an exhibition bout he is under contract for with fellow Mike Tyson conqueror Kevin McBride, but which Triller has refused to reschedule, sources with knowledge of the filing told World Boxing News. Holyfield, […]