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Home » Holyfield to reveal where Tyson bite ear chunk is on 25th anniversary

Holyfield to reveal where Tyson bite ear chunk is on 25th anniversary

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Evander Holyfield will divulge the whereabouts of the most talked-about piece of jagged ear-lobe in boxing, munched off by rival Mike Tyson.

This Sunday, Holyfield will mark the 25th anniversary of the ‘Bite Fight’ by announcing what he did with that chunk of flesh.

The actual event took place on June 28, 1997. However, ESPN will cover the quarter of a century milestone by hosting a special to seek out what “The Real Deal” did with his missing body part.

Holyfield ear

Holyfield said: “The wait is over! – Find out Sunday, June 26 on ESPN Sportscenter what happened to the piece of my ear in the ring the night of the Holyfield vs. Tyson legendary fight.

“It’s a 25th Anniversary special,” he added.

Speaking to World Boxing News in an exclusive interview from the archives about that night, Holyfield was unhappy at being labeled a ‘headbutter’ by Tyson.

Many believe this is what caused Mike to flip.

Evander Holyfield bitten ear
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“The second fight, ‘you headbutted him’ – they said. I did nothing, but somehow, I did,” Holyfield exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I don’t even lean in with my head, and I don’t get my weight on my front foot.

“All of this. But sometimes, when you both get ready to throw the same punches at the same time, your heads do sometimes clash.


“But I’m not a guy that headbutts even though everyone said I’m a headbutter. In general, if you see the first fight, Mike clearly jumped up and headbutted me. That was all him, but then again, he had a lot of scar tissue on the eyes because he’s that guy who didn’t spar with headgear on.

“But I can see why because when you can’t stand with something on your head. It was the same with me, the headgear would make my heartbeat go fast, so in practice, it was very intense.”

Now, 25 years on, there’s a preserved piece of ear sitting in a glass jar.

What did Holyfield do with it? – Find out Sunday.

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