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‘There’s a case Evander Holyfield won both Lennox Lewis fights’

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Evander Holyfield lost to Lennox Lewis both times they met, even though the history books say it. However, one man disagrees.

Holyfield has a better legacy and C.V. than Mike Tyson and may have beaten Lennox Lewis twice, according to a former WBC heavyweight title challenger from Great Britain.

Dillian Whyte, who challenged Tyson Fury for the green and gold belt last April, made the comments in an interview before his title chance.

Speaking on ‘The AK and Barak Show’ via Sirius XM, Whyte stated ‘The Real Deal’ could argue that he bettered Lewis on both occasions.

These are strong words from Whyte when the consensus is the opposite in favor of Lewis.

‘The Pugilist Specialist’ was robbed in the first meeting before winning much more convincingly in the second.

Evander Holyfield

But when addressing the return of Tyson or Holyfield to exhibition fights in their 50s, Whyte had none of it.

He discouraged both legends from fighting again, even though they went on to battle Roy Jones Jr. and Vitor Belfort, respectively, in contrasting outcomes.

Tyson drew with Jones. At the same time, Holyfield got wiped out in one round by the former UFC star.

“I think Mike needs to chill. Evander Holyfield looks even worse. He looks slow,” stated ‘The Body Snatcher.’ “The guys have had brutal fights. They fought real heavyweight fights.

“I think Evander Holyfield should be higher up than Mike Tyson in history. Holyfield fought everyone. He fought Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.

“He fought Michael Moore, and he fought Riddick Bowe. Plus he also fought George Foreman.

“Mike Tyson didn’t even fight all those guys, Mike. He only fought Lennox Lewis, and he lost to Lennox Lewis.

“I believe in Evander Holyfield. There is a case in saying that he won both fights against Lennox Lewis,” added Whyte.

Lennox Lewis

There’s sure to be an argument stirred up by the Briton’s comments, as Lewis is much-revered in his home country.

Lewis, the last undisputed heavyweight ruler back in the early 2000s, is noted as a top ten of all time.

Holyfield secured his place in history as the only man to clean out both the cruiserweight and top divisions. But in those two bouts with Holyfield, the American legend didn’t win either.

It’s not even a hard fight to score the first time around. Lewis had Holyfield’s number on both occasions.

Whyte doesn’t see it that what, though. For whatever reason.

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