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Home » Lennox Lewis reacts to Holyfield farce; Who’s next – Butterbean at 55?

Lennox Lewis reacts to Holyfield farce; Who’s next – Butterbean at 55?

The fallout of the Evander Holyfield seems to run and run after comments from Lennox Lewis and thoughts about who could be approached next – Butterbean, perhaps?

Holyfield took to the ring at 58, and despite warnings from many, engaged in the kind of outing nobody wants to see from an old legend.

Humiliated on a card unworthy of his presence, “The Real Deal” at least has a hefty paycheck in his pocket for his trouble.

Lennox Lewis, who arguably beat Holyfield, gave his reaction via social media.

Former world champion Ricky Hatton was among those sickened by the event after witnessing the action on Sunday morning.

“I put my phone on this morning and was horrified to see the Holyfield fight,” said the “Hitman.”

“Sorry for the bad language, but that was a f—ing disgrace. Exhibitions are one thing. There’s an understanding. But allowing that to happen to one of boxing’s greats?

“The people who put the show together and allowed that to happen should hang their heads in shame. Boxing, get your s— together, for f—- sake!”

Caleb Truax added his thoughts.

“Anyone who was associated with making this fight should never be allowed even to say the word boxing again. Sad, really,” said the ex-IBF super-middleweight ruler.

One-time Floyd Mayweather team member David Levi could barely watch the fight against Vitor Belfort unfold.

“I don’t think anyone was upset about this stoppage besides Evander. It was scary watching him take big punches at damn near sixty.”

Vitor Belfort Evander Holyfield

Amanda Wescott


Now that Holyfield is hopefully off the list of future fighters that Triller can consider, it’s safe to presume they’d approach anybody to sell Pay Per Views in the current climate.

Butterbean, one of the biggest knockout stars of the 1990s, is now 55 years old and has some health problems. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

If not Eric Esch, then who could we expect to be added to the list of shame?

Furthermore, if the price is right, Shannon Briggs must be a contender. Maybe even one of the Klitschko’s. Whoever it is, they’ll face a barrage of questions about Holyfield’s embarrassment.

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