Evander Holyfield knockout explained as ‘tool’ David Haye takes heat

Evander Holyfield Vitor Belfort ropes

Amanda Westcott

A knockout loss suffered by Evander Holyfield against Vitor Belfort turned out fine in the end despite fans being horrified by what they saw.

That’s the view of Beltfort’s trainer Derik Santos who gave David Haye a dressing down for his opinions on Holyfield’s defeat in 109 seconds.

Haye, who also appeared on the bill against his long-time friend Joe Fournier, aired his views in the aftermath. It’s fair to say Santos wasn’t impressed.

Santos pointed out that great heavyweight Holyfield wasn’t hurt badly in the fight and said ‘The Real Deal’ explained to him how he felt there.

Belfort had gotten questioned over his decision to jump around the ring as the referee Holyfield saved from further punishment.

“First of all, the celebration wasn’t a celebration about beating Evander Holyfield. Vitor Belfort already explained that a bunch of times,” Santos told the Betway Insider blog.

“But people who are tools like David Haye are, of course, going to think that.

“The celebration was a culmination of so many years of not fighting, trying to get this event on. Vitor was entitled to celebrate. He was excited when he won.

“It was the start of a new career for him, the last chapters of his career. It’s the start of something that motivates him. That’s what he was excited about in there.

“And frankly, he did what he was supposed to do. It was a lose-lose situation for him.

David Haye Joe Fournier
Amanda Westcott

“He trained very hard. If he had walked around there as David did, walk around with his buddy for a few rounds, the people would say Vitor stunk up the joint.

“It really wasn’t our fault that Oscar pulled out. Or that Evander said ‘let me get in there.'”


Furthermore, on Holyfield being too old to fight in many eyes, Santos stated the ex-cruiserweight king told him that wasn’t the case.

“At the end of the day, Evander Holyfield told me after, and I’ve known him for years, he said, “I was not hurt at all.” He was just more overwhelmed. He wasn’t hurt at all.

Evander Holyfield Vitor Belfort wins
Amanda Westcott

“And people are saying it’s sad to see. What’s really sad to see is when a veteran is getting used by a promoter and making ten or twenty grand.

“It’s not sad when you’re making over a million dollars. The money he’s made off this gives him a chance to live a long good life.

“He’ll be able to live his life out comfortably now.”

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