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Home » Mike Tyson explains why $3m fine for Holyfield ear bite was worth it

Mike Tyson explains why $3m fine for Holyfield ear bite was worth it

Mike Tyson revealed why biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997 keeps him happy in retirement due to the continued reminders by fans.

The former undisputed and youngest-ever heavyweight champion holds no regrets about munching on Hoylyfield’s lobe in their rematch.

Since the event 26 years ago, the pair became friends, cashing in on the happening by engaging in commercials and launching ear-shaped edibles.

Tyson explained that the incident was one of his fondest memories despite losing a massive chunk of his fortune.

Mike Tyson doesn’t regret ear biting incident

“It is good,” said Tyson on an edition of his Hotboxin Podcast. “I hate to say it, but I bit that guy’s [Evander Holyfield] ear, right?

“I had to pay a three million dollar fine for biting his ear. But the funny thing is I took more pictures of that [than anything else].

“People just want to take pictures of me biting their ears. That all these crazy people, black or white, they say, ‘take a picture biting my ear!’

“So listen, that was the best thing I ever did,” added “The Baddest Man on the Planet.”

Discussing why he bit Holyfield in an interview with FOX Sports’ Jim Gray, Tyson was enraged at headbutts from his opponent.

He saw red, probably as he knew he was about to lose again. Therefore, he used the opportunity to make headlines.

“I bit him because I wanted to kill him. But I was really mad about my head being bumped and everything,” Tyson told Gray. “I really lost consciousness of the whole fight.

“It took me out of my fight plan and everything.”

Would Tyson bite another ear?

Asked by Gray if he ever thought about doing it again, he replied: “I hope not,” Tyson responded. “I say, ‘No, never ever again.’ But I might do it again.

“Well, if he does what he was doing to get bitten, I would bite him again. Yeah.”

Holyfield forgave Tyson years before the boxing legend spoke to World Boxing News about the second fight with “Iron” Mike.

“The second fight, ‘you headbutted him’ – they said. I did nothing. But somehow, I did,” Holyfield exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I don’t even lean in with my head. I don’t get my weight on my front foot.”

On their relationship now and meeting up on an episode of his podcast, Holyfield added: “It was great. We talked about boxing, and Mike talks about everything.

“He asked the things that he asked. I didn’t let him pull me into things I didn’t want to talk about.

“No [animosity], we don’t have a problem, me and Mike,”