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Evander Holyfield, 58, will fight again despite disastrous 109 seconds KO

Heavyweight legend Evander Holyfield is set to fight again despite losing in 109 seconds after returning from a decade-long absence this month.

Appearing on Triller, Holyfield got dropped and taken out when hardly being able to maneuver around the ring.

Many wars fought in the ring, a tired body, and the fact he’s pushing 60 proved Father Time remains undefeated.

Triller boss Ryan Kavanaugh has since made excuses used by Holyfield for the loss public and revealed an agreement is in place for more fights.

“We had a contract with Holyfield to fight a number of fights, which we still do,” Kavanaugh told The MMA Hour.

“When we turned around to put this card on, the way we looked at it was Vitor, yes, he was younger as we all know. I think he was two years younger than McBride. So almost the same age. But he’s not a pro boxer. He’s boxed once.

“He was MMA, and we all know MMA has a disadvantage when it comes to pro boxing. We actually thought it was going to be a very fair kind of card.

“There was an age disadvantage, but there was an MMA disadvantage.”

Holyfield was all set to fight an old rival of Mike Tyson’s before that card got scratched. “The Real Deal” could now be matched with somebody else.

“His first fight was going to be Kevin McBride, who was the last person to knockout [Mike] Tyson. McBride is only two years older than Vitor [Belfort].

“We saw McBride and saw some footage and training and got very concerned. We actually went to the commission and said, ‘We’re concerned about this fight.’

“I think we were told we were the only promoters ever in the history of promotion try to talk the commission out of a fight.

“The Holyfield camp, we love them, we love working with them, but they were adamant that this fight had to go on.

“So much so that they brought it to arbitration. You have to let this go.

Vitor Belfort Evander Holyfield
Amanda Westcott


“We said we were very concerned about McBride, not Holyfield. Holyfield, having seen what we saw, was in such incredible shape, who never stops working out. He’s a specimen of a human being.

“It was quite a battle. Honestly, it was going to be a fight of us saying we don’t want someone to get hurt.”

It’s a shame Kavanaugh didn’t think that, having seen footage of Holyfield during the build-up.

If Holyfield does attempt to fight again, there will be a massive uproar.

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