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Legendary boxing commentator pulls out of Evander Holyfield event

Evander Holyfield fighting again at 58 has caused a significant stir enough to see former HBO commentator Jim Lampley pull out of the event.

Lampley, boxing royalty when it comes to announcing fights, decided to quit the broadcast just hours after Holyfield went through a workout.

Looking slow and unable to move sufficiently to fight at 44-year-old dangerous MMA fighter in Vitor Belfort, staging of the bout has taken mass criticism.

The addition of Donald Trump to the Triller show on the same day, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities, has also polarized people.

It’s not been made official whether either had a bearing on Lampley’s decision.

WBN’s Dan Rafael made the initial confirmation. He said: “Per multiple sources, Jim Lampley has opted out of calling Saturday night’s Holyfield vs. Belfort Triller PPV.

Robert Littal added more: “Jim Lampley has decided against calling the Holyfield-Belfort Triller PPV.

“Lampley had said he was promised legit boxing matches to call, so this is not surprising. We will see if he does the Teofimo fight.”

Fan comments also followed.

“Why, because of Trump? How petty,” said one.

Evander Holyfield Donald Trump

Another added: “Has nothing to do with that moron. It’s because Jim Lampley has more respect for the sport than to see an aged champion take sanctioned blows to his head, particularly when said aged champion already has slurred speech and sloth reaction times.”

A third said: “Was looking forward to Jim Lampley calling the action with all the enthusiasm of Gatti/Ward 1.

“Belfort nods as if to say, ‘Come on! Come on! Come on, let’s take this round and the next three rounds off and give ’em something in the 8th!”


It’s reported that Trump’s son Don Jr. was also set to be ringside with Lampley on the night.

Furthermore, Lampley distancing himself calls into question the decision to allow Evander Holyfield to fight at all.

California turned down his license application before Triller turned to Florida. They obliged.

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