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Home » Proof that Mike Tyson didn’t bite off Evander Holyfield’s whole ear

Proof that Mike Tyson didn’t bite off Evander Holyfield’s whole ear

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Evander Holyfield used a face mask to disprove a trolling campaign that saw fans mock his lop-sided lobes from the Mike Tyson fight.

Holyfield clarified that he does indeed have two ears despite old rival Tyson chewing on one back in 1997.

During the infamous ‘Bite Fight,’ Holyfield lost part of his ear that Tyson spat out on the floor. It was attempted to reattach, but the chunk was too far gone.

Now – years on, Holyfield has become a meme for the millennial generation. Some believe ‘The Real Deal’ only has one working lobe.

Evander Holyfield’s ear

The meme has been doing the rounds for over two years. It sees Holyfield attempting to wear a mask to protect himself from the coronavirus.

The garment won’t fit around his head as there’s nothing to hold it on one side.

Taking it in good jest, Holyfield took to social media.

“Why does everyone act like I only have one ear,” said Holyfield before displaying that he can hold up a mask.

The post came as Holyfield declared his interest in another meeting with Tyson. Despite both embarking on a comeback, they never got it on for a third time.

“I’m always thinking that the person who takes care of themselves well are the ones that tend to last, even though I’m four years older than [Mike Tyson]. It would be no problem.”

Holyfield had an alternative opponent. However, his target could never fight again.

“You know my manager. He has been talking and all that. But the fact is with me, the only person I would ask is Riddick Bowe because we are buddies.”

Bowe has serious ailments in his body that prevent him from fighting.

Mike Tyson

Pressed on whether Tyson vs Holyfield III was possible, he answered: “I would think so.

“You know life is about two people trusting each other, and what can we do now? There are many things Mike and I have done together that work.

“People like to see the two best people. Some people didn’t get the chance to see Mike and me.

“Everything is opinionated now about who the best is. I was the best of my era, I felt.

“I can’t have anyone take a cheap shot at me. I’m a little too old to get that stuff happening to me. The body doesn’t come back as well.”

Holyfield eventually fought Vitor Belfort and lost in one round. Tyson would have been the better option.

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