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Ricky Hatton calls for investigation into Evander Holyfield exhibition

Boxing legend Ricky Hatton has called for an investigation into how ex-heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield got sanctioned to fight at 58.

Hatton, a UK superstar who won world titles in two weight divisions before losing to Floyd Mayweather, was shocked at what he saw one week ago in Florida.

Holyfield, banned from fighting in both California and New York State, took his case to compete to the Florida Boxing Commission and won.

Serious questions are now getting asked as to what the criteria were for handing Holyfield a license.

Revealing his displeasure, Hatton let rip on the fifty-dollar main event Pay Per View.

“I wasn’t very happy to see Evander Holyfield get knocked out in the first round at the weekend, not at all. The board of control in Florida needs investigating for allowing that to happen,” said Hatton in his Metro column.

“I’m all for exhibitions. I’ve said I’m open to one myself, two former champions showcasing their skills one last time for the fans with the understanding that no one will get seriously hurt.

“But this was very different. It was a 58-year-old Holyfield, coming in on a week’s notice to replace Oscar De La Hoya at the very last minute.”


“Hitman” Hatton then aimed at the people around “The Real Deal” – who turns 59 next month.

“I wrote something on Instagram this week saying the people who allowed this Holyfield fight to happen should hang their heads in shame.

“There were a few people who said: ‘It’s a personal choice. If a man wants to do it, he should be allowed to.’

“We have to move with the times. I understand that. Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor, then he fought [a YouTuber]. Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones.

Evander Holyfield knocked down heavyweight
Amanda Westcott

“We can get away with that. Tyson and Jones was an exhibition, both were well prepared, and the conditions were right.

“Floyd and [YouTuber] probably had some sort of understanding of what was actually going to go on in there.

“But Holyfield got put in a very bad situation by his people. Exhibitions are fine, as long as there are boundaries to protect and maintain the boxer’s health.

“This is a social media world. We have to move with the times. But I don’t care if you’re a boxing purist or a fan of YouTubers. If you find that entertaining, then you want to have a look in the mirror.”


Despite Holyfield stating he’d still like to fight on, it’s doubtful we will see the American compete in a ring again.

Thankfully there’ll be no Mike Tyson rematch.

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