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Home » Adrien Broner makes obscene revelation as comeback doubts grow

Adrien Broner makes obscene revelation as comeback doubts grow

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Adrien Broner admits he’s struggling with his vices again with less than a month to go until his scheduled comeback to the ring.

Broner will face Bill Hutchinson on a Don King Pay Per View next month. However, with only a few weeks left until the first bell, Broner opened up on his continued struggles.

Adrien Broner’s American Pie

One was the obscene notion that Broner was so hooked on the physical act of love that he would copy a famous movie about the same subject.

“For these past few days, I’ve been fighting against myself. I found out how tough a task it will be to beat me because I am not going [anywhere to retirement or death],” Broner admitted.

“I’ve just got to cut off all my vices. I have quite a few. I look at them like cancer because I can cut them out one day. But they can always come back more effective than before and be the cause of my death in life or be the death of the gift and talent god gave me.

“These are the things I suffer from:

“Alcohol Addiction – If they don’t get what I like, then I like what they got.

“Sexual Temptation – I will f*** a pumpkin pie out a pumpkin if there was a p***y at the bottom of it.

“Gambling – We can bet on anything. I will be down with it, no matter if it’s who can spit the furthest. We can shoot craps or Cee-Lo and playing cards.

“I will bet I take more s**** a day than your newborn baby because, in my eyes, any bet is a great bet.”


In his bid to combat those demons, Broner has enlisted the help of trainer Kevin Cunningham who Broner now sees as an uncle. However, there have been times when “The Problem,” says he’s let the coach down.

“They say you can’t work on nothing if you don’t take accountability. So I want to say sorry to my coach/uncle because he worked his a** off to get me to focus, lose weight and be sharp to fight again.

“I also want to apologize to Don King. He didn’t have to take a chance on me, especially after hearing the whole boxing world slander my name.

“I feel like this is my last chance, so it’s time to live or die with boxing.

“And last but not least, I want to apologize to my fans. Without you all, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I love you all.”

Comeback doubts

The Cincinnati native’s words put severe doubts on his ability to mentally focus on a fight so close to taking place. The last three bouts Broner had tried to schedule all collapsed before they made it to the arena.

With a contract in place with King and his own revelation that he is burning through money, hopefully, Broner can get back to what he does best sooner rather than later.

If the subject were brokered in a betting ring now, though, the smart money on Broner fighting again would undoubtedly be later – if ever at all again.

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