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Home » Adrien Broner inks ‘Death Row’ deal he didn’t match in seven years

Adrien Broner inks ‘Death Row’ deal he didn’t match in seven years

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Adrien Broner has committed to fighting three times in the next twelve months, something he hasn’t done in almost eight years.

The 33-year-old is the latest aging champion to sign with BLK Prime, the newest Pay Per View kid on the block.

Broner joined Terence Crawford, 34, in signing a deal to campaign on a PPV platform that’s jumped from YouTubers and amateurs to pros within a few months.

With many followers on social media, a website, or serious well-known boxing backing, many questions whether either side can live up to the agreement.

Adrien Broner plans to take over boxing

Nonetheless, Broner announced his intentions to ‘take over boxing’ in what he calls a ‘Death Row’ deal akin to legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.

The Cincinnati boxer said: “I can start back talking like this again in public. That’s because I Just signed a twelve-month three-fight deal.

“Eight figures guaranteed with BLK Prime,” to which he added the Death Row hashtag.

On the Tupac comparison, “The Problem” added: “Yeah, I don’t got $13 no more. I told my man Desmond [thought to be Desmond Gumbs] that he’s coming into boxing at a unique time.

“Not only for the fans but for myself as well. And I feel like he’s coming at a time, almost like when Suge Knight went to get Tupac out of jail for that $1.4M.

“Then Tupac took his company to a whole other level. I’m going to do the same thing with BLK.”

It’s an ambitious plan for Broner. He has only won once in the last six years, albeit controversially, against Jovanie Santiago.

No big win in a decade for Adrien Broner

However, Broner hasn’t beaten a star name in any division since defeating Paulie Malignaggi in 2013, nine and a half years ago.

Add to that the fact the four-weight world champion last campaigned three times in a calendar year it was back in 2015. He did fight three times in fifteen months between 2016 and 2017, but that was still over half a decade ago.

Since then, Broner has struggled with drug, alcohol, and mental health problems that have hampered his career.

If this deal does help Adrien Broner to remain focused and get back in the ring three times, though, it can only be good for the sport.

However, until they expand their roster significantly, BLK Prime might struggle with opponents. It could be hard to persuade some oop names to crossover when they are already committed to their own platform.


For now, Broner seems happy. He is back training again and trying to be positive.

“I’m very grateful because I’ve been through a lot of situations,” explained Broner. “I had a lot of ups and downs in the sport.

“But God always finds another way to give me a chance to take over boxing. So I want to give thanks to the higher up.

“I also want to give a very special shout-out to my man Desmond. But I call him ‘Uncle Dez,’ CEO of BLK Prime.

“I want to thank him for believing in me and getting this deal done.

“I think with myself, with my About Billions brand and BLK Prime, I think we are going to take over boxing.

“We’re going to reach heights that have never been done before. And it’s all going to start with my stablemate from Nebraska, Terence Crawford.”

Crawford faces David Avanesyan in a $39.99 Pay Per View on December 10. The event will kick off BLK’s tenure in the pro side of the sport.

The clash comes about after the failure of an undisputed battle with Errol Spence Jr.

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