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Home » On-off Fury vs Joshua has become the biggest joke in boxing

On-off Fury vs Joshua has become the biggest joke in boxing

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Fury vs Joshua has become the biggest joke in boxing after a Thursday where the on-off fight was on and off again.

Tyson Fury released a statement in the morning stating he’d give Anthony Joshua another chance to agree to the fight.

Fury vs Joshua was on again

He said: “This is a message to Anthony Joshua.

“My promoter Frank Warren convinced me to let Queensberry carry on negotiating with your team this week. This is despite me knowing that you were never going to do this fight.

“I have just been told that BT Sport, Dazn, ESPN, and all the broadcasters are happy with the terms and ready to support this fight.

“Your side has been given a contract that allows you to see every contract to negotiate contracts with any partners on the event.

“We have agreed to do it as co-promotion. Everything is in the pot, clean, fair, and transparent.

“I had a bet with Frank. I said it didn’t matter what we offered, that you would not take this fight.

“So, it’s up to you, either I win my bet, and you show the public the coward that you are. Get your lawyers and team on the phone today with my side, who are all available as they have been the whole time, and get the contract signed.

“You have had this contract for two weeks now. My team has got everything done with the broadcasters, tickets, and venue everything is ready to go.

Making it happen

He continued: “Someone sent me a video of your man Eddie, talking about the Wilder fight with you a while back. He says in there, if you want a fight made, you, your team, and your lawyers move quickly to make it happen.

“You have had fourteen days; pull your finger out and make this fight happen for the British boxing public.

“Don’t be a coward; instruct your team to get this deal done.”

Hours later, the WBC heavyweight champion said the fight was canceled again. Fury confirmed Mahmoud Charr was back in play.

“The Gypsy King” must want reporters to continually have to correct themselves with the speed that he keeps changing his mind.

Fury, stay out of it

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn then spoke to Sky Sports effectively to tell Fury to stay out of the negotiations.

“I don’t want to get involved with back and forths that are going to negatively impact this fight being made, but to be honest, we are quite baffled by the situation,” The Matchroom Boxing promoter told Sky Sports.

“Firstly, when we agreed on terms for the fight, it took us over a week to receive a draft contract. We have not had that contract for 14 days.

“Over the next week, we’ve worked tirelessly and had a number of meetings with Queensberry to get the contract in some kind of decent shape. Last Monday, we sent our final draft of the contract to Queensberry, only to see that Tyson Fury had publicly pulled out of the fight, and it was no longer on the table.

“Yesterday, we then received comments back from Queensberry on our final draft of the agreement, which is now being reviewed.

“I’m not sure why Tyson Fury keeps setting unrealistic deadlines while also offering the fight to a number of other heavyweights for the selected date. If he is serious about the fight being made, I suggest he allows Matchroom and Queensberry to keep working hard to make the fight, which everyone has been trying hard to do.

“You can’t publicly keep pulling out of a fight and then restart negotiations when there have been so many positive conversations had. We’ll see what happens from here.”

Fury vs Joshua was off again

Charr, who will supposedly get his chance unless Fury has another change of heart, had called Fury a ‘duck” shortly before the most recent video.

“Fury, you are the same s*** as Anthony Joshua,” Charr stated on his Instagram social media account.

“A man is a man. When you say Joshua is out, he is out. You tell everyone you want to fight me. Now you are like a duck. Take the fight.”

His caption on the clip read: “Fury you duck my challenge you. AJ is scared and comes from two losses. Why should give him a chance?”

The latest twist in the Fury vs Joshua yawn-fest came when Fury then agreed to fight Charr in the afternoon. He once again said the Joshua fight was off.

How long until it’s back on? – It’s becoming boring now and a complete joke to the long-suffering UK fans.


One minute the Oleksandr Usyk fight was on after his rematch win over Joshua in Saudi Arabia. Then Fury was open to Charr, Deontay Wilder, and others in the heavyweight division.

Next was a two-fight deal with former WBA, WBO, and IBF champion AJ in December and next year. Fury now wants to defend his WBC heavyweight title in a bout with Charr.

Who knows who will fight Fury at this point? – The Principality Stadium in Cardiff remains booked for December 3rd.

However, if it is Charr, Fury will need a special exemption as the former WBA regular ruler is not ranked high enough.

They’ll also need to change venue as Fury vs Charr will never sell out at a 70,000 stadium – not anywhere near.

Fury should be quiet while his team works out the details. Take a break from social media and establish trust with your followers.

At present, he’s losing the British public with all his waffling. The rest of the world stopped listening to him a while ago.

Fury vs Joshua is fast becoming the most boring heavyweight saga ever negotiated.

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