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Home » Pacquiao: Golovkin fight? – I hope you’re joking, Bob!

Pacquiao: Golovkin fight? – I hope you’re joking, Bob!

Arum, who has always been against the ‘Pacman’ facing Golovkin, mentioned a potential ‘GGG’ blockbuster in jest but still gained a response from the Filipino Senator, who wouldn’t relish the challenge at this stage of his career.

“If Manny comes in and dominates this fight and looks like the old Manny, and wants to continue fighting, there will be certain opponents that will be considered,” said Arum.

“If he decides that it’s too much juggling two careers then he shouldn’t continue. If he is determined to continue and his performance suffers because of his work in the Senate I would have to look in the direction of somebody else for an opponent.

“So to jump now about names and so forth, who knows?

“Manny may look so good in this fight and may have such senatorial presence in the fight that we may be looking for Golovkin next. And if he doesn’t vote right in the senate I think some of his constituents may be urging him to fight Golovkin.”

Pacquiao then responded: “Bob, I hope you are joking about Golovkin!”

Asked about future opponents and indeed if he will even fight again, Pacquiao answered: “I don’t know yet. One fight at a time. I take them one at a time. I cannot say yes right now,” he added.