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Deontay Wilder and Eddie Hearn: The unlikeliest 360 in boxing

Deontay Wilder and Eddie Hearn are united as one in the most astounding 360-degree flips to grace the sport of boxing today.

Not long ago, “The Bronze Bomber” and the Matchroom boss firmly didn’t see eye-to-eye. At one point, Wilder accused Hearn’s family of being involved in the slave trade. Things were that bad.

Wilder and co-manager Shelly Finkel several times spoke to World Boxing News, but they didn’t adhere to how Hearn operated his promotional operation. They also blamed the Londoner for putting the brakes on a fight with Anthony Joshua.

But now, at a press conference to announce the 5 vs. 5 Hearn vs Frank Warren card, Wilder was unmasked as the Matchroom wildcard entry and the captain of the five-strong team.

“Nobody ever thought Eddie and I would be working together. This is the ultimate surprise,” Wilder told the media after removing his mask.

Hearn added: “For one night only, we work together.”

The pair then posed for pictures that Wilder’s fans on YouTube and his regular interviewers must have winced when witnessing. However, it’s not hard to understand why Wilder and Hearn are working together.

Without the might of Saudi Arabia and the deep pockets of the region’s royalty, Deontay Wilder would not be competing under Hearn’s banner. In fact, he would probably not have gone anywhere near the Esses man other than to give him a piece of his mind.

But such is the power held by Turki Alalshikh on behalf of the Saudi Crown Prince, Wilder, Hearn, and anybody else who will see past their differences when it makes enough monetary sense.

Wilder and his representative Finkel have previously torn their hair out over dealing with Hearn, with a failed 2018 battle with Joshua the catalyst.

Finkel told WBN in an exclusive interview: “When Eddie Hearn says the ridiculousness he says about the fight and not talking to him, as usual, he’s lying.

“There was a letter [email] sent to him and his father, Barry, on Monday. It clearly says what he needs to do to make a deal with us. So, for him to say this and say that…it’s all bull****.

“I’ve said to him clearly. Instead of the stupidity [contract offering Wilder a rematch only if he won], he sent us earlier, sent us a real offer, and we will respond.”

Who would have thought that the gates would open five years later for Wilder, Finkel, and Hearn to put their differences aside?

There’s even talk of Wilder facing Joshua at the end of 2024, provided Wilder beats Zhang in June and celebrates a famous victory over Warren alongside Hearn.

Stranger things have happened.

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