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Home » Conspiracy begins as Chris Eubank Jr reignites Conor Benn trolling

Conspiracy begins as Chris Eubank Jr reignites Conor Benn trolling

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Conspiracy theories have begun after Chris Eubank Jr. posted another trolling video to Conor Benn on Tuesday.

After it was thought Eubank Jr. was getting serious in the gym, he released a video of himself munching on a cheeseburger.

The patty dripped all over his chin as Eubank pointed out that he wasn’t worried about his bid to boil down to 157 pounds successfully.

The clip came after the Brighton man decided it would be fun to post social media videos of himself snacking on KFC, birthday cake, and cheese fondue.

Not many believed that Eubank was intentionally putting on weight, though.

Chris Eubank Jr. conspiracy theories

The first fan explanation came in the form of pre-recorded videos. Some believe Eubank did all his recordings before serious training started.

Another is that Eubank takes only one or two bites of the fat-laden foods and then spits them out or throws them up.

Whatever the case, it’s working to keep Eubank Jr. and the PPV fight in the headlines.

However, promoter Kalle Sauerland assured fans Eubank Jr. was taking the scaling challenge seriously.

Their grudge match bout on October 8 is just ten days away.

Chris Eubank Sr.

Despite initially being against the weight drop, Chris Eubank Sr. is expected to corner for his son, alongside the legendary Ronnie Davies as chief hander.

Davies, who worked with Eubank Sr. on his run to become a British icon, is delighted to be part of such a vast UK event.

“It’s unbelievable. I feel privileged to have been with his father for all those years – twenty-odd world title fights with him,” said Davies.

“I’ve got the same again with his son. I was there when he was born, and I’ve always been with him.

“I think it’s going to be a great fight. The first Eubank-Benn fight was brutal, I was in the corner, and I could hear them saying, ‘is that all you’ve got? You’re punching like a girl’.

“You could hear the power. After the fight, I said to Barry, ‘you can’t let them fight again. No man should have to go through that again.’

“I think this next fight will be just as brutal. They’ve both got that passion that I saw in their fathers.

“I knew them both well. I’ve got the greatest respect for Conor Benn and his trainer Tony Sims. I go back a long way with Tony.

“It’ll be a great fight. Eubank is too battle hardened and too big for Conor. Conor’s time will come again, but he will get beat.”

Eubank vs Benn rivalry

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Boxing Chairman, cannot wait for the first bell.

“We all grew up with the greatest rivalry in British boxing. In 1990 I was eleven years old. I remember one of the greatest nights for our family when Chris Eubank Snr stopped Nigel Benn to win the world middleweight title in Birmingham.

“Three years later, I remember the night so clearly. Over 45,000 people and 15 million on terrestrial TV watched the rematch on a hazy night at Old Trafford.

“Now, almost 30 years later, we see part three. An incredible moment, these two step up for what will be the biggest fight in British boxing.”

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