Eddie Hearn compared to Donald Trump by second US promoter in drama

Donald Trump Eddie Hearn

Ed Mulholland

Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn has been compared to President Donald Trump yet again as drama erupted with US promoter and Hall of Famer Lou DiBella.

As the pair bickered of conditions for a potential clash between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, DiBella echoed Bob Arum’s sentiments in using the term.

Previously, Arum had branded Hearn with the comparison nobody would want when also stating the Essex man was, ‘clueless about boxing in the United States’.

The disagreement began when Taylor told Serrano to agree on a deal that the seven-weight champion was not on board with.

Serrano had stated a contract to face Taylor was rubberstamped four times, but not for a battle in the backyard of Hearn’s mansion.

Hearn has revealed plans for a four-event series in his garden as rivals opt for a TV studio or hotel venue for their restart.

An accepted purse was also reduced by Hearn, leading to Serrano and DiBella completely ruling out the fight.

A change of heart later, Hearn then said he’d be willing to give Serrano the original deal, leading to confusion during the conflict.

As the war raged, it seemed Serrano didn’t know what was on offer and at one point called Hearn a flat-out liar.

Taylor began the kerfuffle by saying to Serrano: “We both signed contracts. All financial barriers have been removed. Any training or travel issues are the same for both of us as I’m also training in the US.

“No more excuses. This is a fight to elevate the sport. August 22 is our time to make history. You in?”

Serrano replied: “Yes I signed four contracts to fight Katie Taylor and despite what lies Eddie Hearn wants to say he offered us. (It was) a purse deduction and a change of location, in addition to yet another date.

“May 2nd, July 4th, and now August 22nd. My team will handle this. I’m not a toy. I’m done with the games!”

Hearn added: “Your promoter will confirm that exactly one week ago today we confirmed in writing the new date and that you would be paid the full amount that was in your contract.

“Yes, there were two date changes due to a slight global pandemic. You have eight weeks no excuses!”

AS: “Why don’t I know of your signed written agreement with this new change and date?

“Do I even matter to you or this subject? I’m done being a promoter toy!

“I just read that Lou Dibella and Eddie Hearn make deals on my behalf without speaking to me or my manager. Not sure this is even Legal.

“You guys are discussing me you know! I respect my manager but I’m going to have to defend myself on this one.”

Lou DiBella Eddie Hearn Donald Trump


Lou DiBella wasn’t happy, as you can imagine. He also used the word liar to describe Hearn and gave the Trump reference.

“If Eddie Hearn is saying I accepted the fight on your behalf, he’s lying. There is no signed written agreement for August 22 in his backyard.

“There was never any agreement, oral or otherwise, for Aug. 22 at the Matchroom Boxing plantation. Never!!!

“And Eddie Hearn said in an article that he never asked for a reduced purse nor said you wouldn’t fight otherwise.

“Do you want me to take our private tweets public, Edward? Stop lying. And deal with me, I’m Amanda’s promoter. Don’t antagonize her. Who are you, Trump?”

Hearn insisted Serrano had signed to battle Taylor but did then state it was for the original date of May.

The 41-year-old believes Serrano should be held to the change of date, as long as the purse terms remain the same.

“Again incorrect, you PERSONALLY signed for the fight,” he told Serrano before elaborating on the later discussion with DiBella. “We discussed the purse.

“He confirmed you would not take a reduction. Then we confirmed last Sunday that we will pay the full amount and confirmed the new date.

“I also tweeted this at the time (I believe you were on the tweet).

“I didn’t say Lou accepted anything. We rescheduled the fight for August 22 as per our signed contract. Please read my previous tweets and the email and hopefully, it’s clear.

“And we have the right to reschedule under the contract as you know.”

Amanda Serrano Katie Taylor
📸 Ed Mulholland / Dave Thompson


AS: “My promoter told me way different s— than you’re saying. I was told either I take a purse deduction or no fight. Now it magically changed, yeah?”

Serrano then explained a new deal to fight elsewhere was on the table.

“Wow, I was told of a purse deduction my team declined and we were told we would have to wait for a live gate. That that came from you. I went and took a deal w/TV cause of that and now I’m in the middle of this. I respect @loudibella but I’m a person, not someone’s toy. Can’t do that to me.”

LD: “No, she signed for a May 2 fight. She didn’t postpone it. Even though it was ridiculous, and you caused fighters to train for NO reason, you foolishly rescheduled it for early July.

“Amanda didn’t cancel that either. Stop acting like we’re not in a pandemic. Wtf!”

EH: “Enough for tonight.We know our position, We are eight weeks from the fight. You have been training throughout and train in the same State as KT.

“Katie took your purse reduction because she wants a legacy. There is no reduction for you. We hope to see you for a great moment for the sport.”


It doesn’t bode well for a deal being struck for Taylor vs Serrano as Hearn scrambles for a double-header to entice Pay-Per-View buys.

Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin has already been confirmed for the show. If Serrano isn’t on board, it’s clear the fans want Delfine Persoon.

The general consensus among fans outside the UK or Ireland is that Persoon definitively defeated Taylor the first time they met.

Persoon didn’t get the majority decision and Taylor knows she needs a second win to erase any doubt.

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