Donald Trump said Floyd Mayweather was ‘beaten up badly’ in ‘fix’ victory

Donald Trump believes Floyd Mayweather should have lost his undefeated record when the former pound for pound king took on Marcos Maidana.

Back in 2014, Maidana was credited for a spirited effort against the ‘Money’ man. Although the overwhelming consensus was Mayweather did enough to win.

For his part, the Argentinian won himself a second massive payday for a rematch – in which he lost more convincingly. But it’s Trump’s comments which have now resurfaced.

Historic tweets can be a good thing for some. The President may not look back at these ones with much fondness.

They came two years before he entered the White House as the 45th.

“Floyd Mayweather is being beaten up badly through 10 rounds by Marcos Maidana, but announcers say it is even. Two round left,” said Trump when watching the Pay-Per-View contest on May 3, 2014.

As the fight ended, Trump came back with his view that Mayweather was given favoritism due to the decision.

Cards read, Burt A Clements 117-111 | Dave Moretti 116-112 | Michael Pernick 114-114 after the end of twelve rounds.

“No way! Judges say Mayweather won. Investigation should take place. Fix?”

He soon added: “The Mayweather decision is a disgrace!”

At the time, Mayweather was 45-0 and troubled by Maidana in the early stages of the fight. His opponent, nicknamed ‘Chino’, even managed to knock out one of the American’s teeth.

Maidana keeps it on a chain and wears it around his neck sometimes for fun after retiring from boxing with his two checks from the Mayweather double.


Fast forward five and a half years, and Maidana is back in training for a return. The two-weight champion has already called on Mayweather to agree to a trilogy.

“The boxing world knows who won. Yes to Floyd Mayweather,” said Maidana and his team last month.

“He had some doubt, El Chino Maidana has availability in February and March 2021,” they added.

Mayweather has consistently denied any notion of a return to the ring since announcing he would fight twice in 2020 late last year.

It seems the current crisis certainly may have had a knock-on effect on those plans in the pipeline.

For Trump, re-election hopes are pinned on a victory later this year, where the businessman hopes to land another four years at The White House.