EXCLUSIVE: Amir Khan reveals promoter problems from ‘greedy’ fighters

Amir Khan

📸 Jamie McPhilimey/Super Boxing League

A two-time world champion, one of the most lucrative British fighters of recent times, and a lasting legacy, Amir Khan has achieved a lot in boxing.

At the age of 32, though, ‘King’ Khan’s career in the ring appears to be winding down after he informed WBN of his 2020 plans.

Our extensive and exclusive chat with Khan continues as we delve into his transition from fighter to promoter.

While keen to help bring through prospects by building their profiles onto bigger platforms, the Briton has been on the receiving end of his goodwill.

Bemused by greed and the lack of loyalty shown, Khan opened up on the demands of promoting.

“This boxing world is quite hard because they see me making millions. They’re coming up fighters. I still pay them good money out of my own purse to fight. These kids are getting a little greedy,” Khan exclusively told World Boxing News.

“They want to become champions. But everything takes time. You can’t rush it.”


Khan, known for his exceptional charity work across the world, has dipped his toes into the promoting scene, which includes co-owning MMA’s Super Fight League based in India.

However, recent disappointments have left the Bolton man pondering whether the time and effort are worth the reward.

“One thing I’m going to say is there’s a lot of kids who I’ve tried to look after. They’ve just done me wrong by not trusting me. But at the same time, there’s no reason not to trust me. I’m the only guy who paid them the most they’ve been paid.

“I think it’s all about the trust thing. I’ve washed my hands with it in a certain aspect because I don’t need the headache.

“I’m not making money from them, I was doing it free for them, I’m making them money. But the thing is they turn around so I’ve washed my hands with it all and look after a few hand-picked fighters. I look after them.

“At the end of the day, it costs me. I’m flying to the fights. It costs me hotel bills. The flight bills and time as well,” he concluded.