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Home » Based on Amir Khan UKAD ruling, Conor Benn faces ban until 2025

Based on Amir Khan UKAD ruling, Conor Benn faces ban until 2025

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A ‘strict liability’ ruling against British boxer Amir Khan could serve as a yardstick for what is to come for compatriot Conor Benn in the future.

Khan was handed a two-year ban by the UK Anti-Doping Agency on Tuesday, fourteen months after testing for ostarine.

Conor Benn’s situation similar to Amir Khan

Despite Khan protesting his innocence, much has Benn since twice flagging for clomiphene. UKAD said its ruling reminds that boxers will be suspended whether they intentionally doped or not.

UKAD Chief Executive Jane Rumble said on Khan: “This case serves as a reminder that UKAD will diligently pursue Anti-Doping Rule Violations in order to protect clean sport.

“Strict liability means Athletes are ultimately responsible for what they ingest. Athletes are responsible for the presence of any Prohibited Substances in a Sample.

“It is important that all Athletes and their support personnel, whatever level they are competing at, take their anti-doping responsibilities seriously.

“Not doing so risks damaging not only an Athlete’s career but also undermining public confidence in clean sport.”

Benn is almost sure to be suspended for at least two years based on UKAD’s theory. However, the timescale of how long it takes could see Benn waiting until early next year for an official ruling.

Khan’s adverse finding was taken in February 2022. He found out about his preliminary suspension two months later.

The Bolton man appealed, which Benn will almost certainly do, leading to a further ten months before being made public.

Benn faces 2025 ban based on Khan

Previously commenting on Benn’s double test failure, UKAD’s Rumble stated: “UKAD takes all matters of suspected doping activity very seriously.

“We act on all reports of doping. UKAD encourages anyone with information on suspected doping activity to come forward and share that with us in confidence via our Protect Your Sport initiative.

“UKAD will not comment publicly on the specific facts of any case that may or may not be ongoing. We do this to respect and ensure the confidentiality of information as required by the World Anti-Doping Code and other applicable laws and regulations.

“Athletes know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to anti-doping. We will continue to work tirelessly to remove anyone from the sport that breaks the rules.”

After the news broke that Benn’s fight with Eubank was off, Rumble stated: “UKAD notes the reporting of a failed VADA test by the boxer Conor Benn with concern.

“UKAD acts on all reports of doping. We always encourage anyone with information on suspected doping activity to come forward and share that with us.”

If Benn avoids a ban similar to Khan’s, UKAD’s whole policy of suspending whether liable or not would go firmly out of the window.

Assumed solely on Khan’s punishment alone, Benn faces being out of the sport until at least January 2025. The World Boxing Council dismissed his defense that the laboratory was incompetent.

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