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Ex-boxing champions enticed by new PED approved tournament

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A plethora of former boxing champions could participate in a new steroid-fueled tournament set to begin in 2024. Retired titleholders and recognized names have the opportunity in the mix when the ‘Enhanced Games’ gathers traction.

The new competition, which allows fighters to dope under safe conditions, is backed by billionaire investors. The 2024 launch may come too soon for many of the more significant names, but by the time the next enrollment takes place, boxing fans can expect more everyday contenders to be part of a new trend.

Dillusiinoed fans and promoters bemoan the use of steroids in boxing. However, some believe so many are under the influence that everybody should get the green light.

Enhanced Games

Well, Enhanced Games does just that, as President Dr Aron Ping D’Souza states.

“Let’s be clear. Drug testing is about fairness, not safety. The Enhanced Games aims to be the safest sporting event in the world. At the Enhanced Games, we prioritize athlete safety.

“In partnership with top scientists and clinicians, we are developing a full-system medical pre-competition screening protocol – to protect athletes competing in the Enhanced Games,” he added.

The argument by Enhanced is that at the beginning, the Olympics allowed athletes to use performance enhancing drugs. Therefore, it’s merely a return to form.

Boxing champions

The company is focusing on science instead of the downsides of drugs. The Enhanced movement aims to build a whole new movement in all sports, including combat.

They point out that “Athletes have been forced into a cat-and-mouse game with drug testing agencies like WADA, attempting to stay one step ahead of the latest oppressive and invasive testing methodologies.”

Enhanced gives competitors the chance to have free reign in a controlled environment. They add, “When used correctly, the inclusion of performance enhancements can significantly positively affect the results of training and exercise routines. Simply put, performance enhancements augment the effects of training. Enhanced is here to free science and sport from those who would rather it be shackled.”

Athletes who compete at the Games will receive a free medical screening before the competition, ensuring they are healthy and able to compete.

Enhanced has guaranteed their athletes will be paid well in a further enticement for boxing stars. That will only increase the chances of boxing champions signing up.

Several high-profile pugilists have tested positive for PED’s in the recent past. Most of them have denied any wrongdoing. It will be interesting to see who will be the first recognized name to take the plunge.

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