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‘Huge’ Terence Crawford tries to sell Errol Spence II at 147

Terence Crawford posed with three legendary fighters in Las Vegas, only to have comments about his weight come into the equation.

Crawford was labeled ‘huge,’ a ‘super middleweight’ and told to ‘start training now’ by social media detractors. They also stated he was big enough to face Canelo Alvarez now as he attempted to sell a rematch with Errol Spence Jr.

“Bud” wants the second fight despite dominating the first and facing considerable resistance. He also aims to stage Spence II at the contracted weight of 147 pounds.

That’s despite Spence recently being ranked by the World Boxing Council at super welterweight [154 pounds].

If the pair of talented Pound for Pound stars fight again, fans hope it takes place at 154. Spence would have a better chance after looking drained at the weight last summer.

Spence got toyed with, punished, and stopped. But as he explained in detail, Crawford still bids to honor the contract.

Will the Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence rematch happen?

“You all do turn your backs on fighters like they [are nothing] nowadays,” said Crawford in response to criticism of his rematch intentions.

“Fighters [like Errol Spence] lose a fight, and it’s f*** him. We don’t want to see him fight that guy again. Where are all the real boxing supporters that win, lose, or draw? Do they still support [their guy]?

“They say they want to watch the best fight the best like Errol, not one of the best now that he has one loss. In what other sport does a loss not make you one of the best in that sport?

“You don’t have to tear one fighter down to try and bring the next one up. We are the only sport that allows reporters to do it like that. We put our lives on the line to entertain.”

On how boxing has changed, Crawford added: “You all need to learn some respect and leave the bias at home just because you like a fighter.

“Because that same person you all are doing all the extra stuff for when they lose you all are gone. It never fails.

“The ones that claim they are helping boxing are the main ones. How are you all picking sides when supposed to be neutral?


“This is what’s wrong with the sport. There’s nothing wrong with having your opinion. But that’s not right when you start showing your dislike for fighters.

“It’s so crazy that everyone is a boxing writer now but knows nothing about boxing. “One day, boxing will evolve, and this sport will be back on top like it once was before.”

Crawford vs Spence II could happen in the first quarter of 2024. However, the demise of Showtime has put a spanner in the works.

Al Haymon is still favored to promote the fight alongside Crawford and Spence. The TV network situation needs to be finalized first.

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