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Home » Chris Eubank in sensational Chris Eubank Jr injection accusations

Chris Eubank in sensational Chris Eubank Jr injection accusations

Chris Eubank has aired shock allegations aimed at his own son and former trainer as the British Boxing legend embarked on a truth bomb mission.

Participating in a talkSPORT interview that is now being looked at as an expose’ of Chris Eubank Jr, Senior made stunning accusations.

Eubank claims that Chris Jr had hydrocortisone injected into his hands by coach Adam Booth backstage at the weigh-in for his 2015 clash with Gary O’Sullivan.

Questions have been raised since the statement before the weekend, including from O’Sullivan himself.

Chris Eubank accusations

Spike said: “⁦I am absolutely shocked with the recent allegations from Chris Eubank Sr. that his son was injecting a substance into his hand before our fight!

“This is outrageous to hear. I am interested in finding out what the substance was and who administered it. Also, who was aware of this?”

Senior responded to O’Sullivan by saying:⁩ “The confusion about the needle that was in Chris Eubank Jr’s knuckle, being administered by Adam Booth behind the curtains at the
Spike O’Sullivan weigh-in is a truth that neither Adam nor Jr would deny.

“After my shock and expletives, Adam said, it’s hydrocortisone!”

The former super middleweight king added: “The reason I didn’t report it to the authorities is because I believed ⁦[Booth]. And Chris Eubank Jr. did have knuckle issues.

“I was livid because Adam Booth is not qualified to be injecting anyone with anything.”

‘Doesn’t spar’

Eubank stated that his son had endured a fall from grace since they parted company: “David Haye called me the other day and said [Eubank Jr] doesn’t spar. He does everything he wants to do. He’s got ‘yes men’ around him.

“And so it seems to me, by what David Haye tells me, that he’s still not listening. If you don’t listen, life will teach you what it taught many other fighters.

“It is arrogance when you shut your ears. What arrogance gets you is what it got him in his last fight. The caliber of Liam Smith does not beat Chris Eubank Jr on my watch.

“Junior, on my watch, is not supposed to lose to Liam Smith. On the watch of these PE teachers [Roy Jones Jr, current trainer], anything can happen, and anything did.”

“My son could have been a tremendous fighter. He electrified me when watching him, but he hasn’t because he doesn’t listen. If you don’t listen, then you have to feel.”


Despite Eubank’s strong claims, fans were saddened to listen to how he spoke about his family. It’s doubly hard to hear, especially after the death of Eubank Jr’s younger brother Seb.

Some even thought Eubank was being used as he’s been struggling to feel himself lately.

“Chris Eubank is being exploited on talkSPORT. I hope he gets the help he needs,” said one.

Several other responses to the Eubank interview said similar.

Liam Smith also commented on the talk with Jim White and Simon Jordan.

“All about him, clown. It makes you actually feel sorry for Chris Jr., Having to deal with his dad’s ego every day in the gym. As well as his own ego. Wow!”

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