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Anger classes put Gervonta Davis in the clear, no further jail threat

Gervonta Davis no longer faces any legal threats to his freedom after a battery case was dropped following his 90-day home prison sentence.

Davis has a battery trial hanging over his head on the back of possible jail for a hit and run. Both are now firmly behind him.

The Baltimore Banner reported that Florida prosecutors scrubbed a battery charge from the record due to ‘Tank’ agreeing to undergo anger management.

It was alleged that Davis struck his partner in a heated exchange reported to police last December. The complainant subsequently retracted the allegations.

She stated it was her “absolute, complete, and full desire that this criminal prosecution be withdrawn and terminated.”

The 28-year-old will now serve out his 90 days home arrest in Baltimore before embarking on a boxing career that has since gone stratospheric.

Gervonta Davis is in the clear

Instead of facing another spell of uncertainty, Broward County Court Judge Catalina Avalos threw the case out with no other action needed.

The news comes after Davis stopped Ryan Garcia in seven rounds last month to put his career into overdrive. Sales of over one million place Davis as the face of Pay Per View above Canelo Alvarez on recent sales.

Aaron Savitski, the spokesperson for the State Attorney’s Office, told the Banner: “The assistant state attorney, he said, consulted with the woman after receiving certificates of completion for both courses. She said she was satisfied with the outcome and wanted the prosecution to drop the case.”

Assistant State Attorney Catherine Maus added that there was “no reasonable likelihood of conviction” against Davis due to lack of evidence.

Davis did not comment on the matter and now wants to concentrate on who his next opponent will be. The World Boxing Association will order Davis to battle Devin Haney. That’s if he informs them of his intentions to keep the WBA ‘regular’ title.

The Pound for Pound star did not defend his belt against Garica. The fight happened one pound over the 135-pound limit at a catchweight. Therefore, Davis has to decide what he wants to do with that status moving forward.

No more jail threats

Reports Davis will put his 29-0 record [27 KO’s] against Haney are gathering pace after the latter became a free agent. Haney’s controversial win over Vasiliy Lomachenko and the reaction in the aftermath by Top Rank’s Bob Arum will undoubtedly see “The Dream” move on.

WBA President Gilberto Mendoza could push Haney to face Davis as part of his ongoing title reduction plan, as he holds the undisputed crown at lightweight.

More will come to light in the coming weeks. For now, though, Gervonta Davis is entirely in the clear.

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