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Home » Hall of Famer roasts Terence Crawford for Errol Spence Jr. fail

Hall of Famer roasts Terence Crawford for Errol Spence Jr. fail

Welterweight champion Terence Crawford faced some hard truths this week regarding his failed fight with fellow belt holder Errol Spence Jr.

Hall of Fame promoter Lou DiBella came in solid on Crawford when the Omaha man asked his followers about the NFL Playoffs.

Crawford asked: “Which is worse? Losing and not making it to the playoffs or making it to the playoffs and losing?”

Many fans answered back and kept it one hundred percent about the current Playoff situation with only three games left.

However, DiBella didn’t hold back as he unleashed a roasting on Crawford that had many heads nodding in agreement.

Errol Spence Jr. vs Terence Crawford

“Losing and not making it to the playoffs is way worse,” said DiBella sticking to the NFL for the first portion of his response.

In his following sentence, he continued with the sizzle by saying: “The same way it’s worse losing and not making it to the biggest fight of your career.

“Or even worse, never losing and still not making it to the biggest fight of your career.”

Questioned about his truth, DiBella replied: “The man’s a great fighter. He and Spence need to make that fight.”

DiBella concluded: “Who am I downing? I stated sports and boxing truth. The same applies to EJ [Spence] and everyone else.

“I’d say that to anyone’s face. If you can’t make a deal for the biggest fight of your life, then you failed.”

Spence vs Thurman

Spence vs Crawford faces a further delay given the World Boxing Council’s recent admission that Keith Thurman will challenge for the green and gold belt next.

With that fight on hold due to Spence recovering from another car wreck, fans face a few more months of uncertainty on the undisputed welterweight clash.

In the meantime, Spence, Crawford, or both may move up in weight. This means the four-belt status of the Pay Per View gets removed.

Staging the fight at 154 doesn’t hold the same interest unless both win a world title at the higher weight. They have to do it at welterweight for all the gold, or sales will suffer.

Thurman could still step aside and face the winner at 154 if Spence and Crawford could reignite talks now. If that fails to come to fruition, the biggest fight on US soil that could be made in 2023 could be dead in the water.

It’s a fine line that should have been crossed before Crawford decided to sign a deal with BLK Prime.

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