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Heavyweight champ Tommy Morrison had insane training regime

Late heavyweight force Tommy Morrison had an insane workout uncovered by World Boxing News years after his untimely death.

The punishing training regime of the former world champion has been revealed by his widow Trisha.

Morrison, who died in 2013 at the tender age of 44, was never a fan of running and much preferred the nitty-gritty of gym life.

Included in what was a crazy schedule were seventeen rounds of punching and a fair amount of pummelling.

Revealing his day-to-day workouts, which Tommy wrote down on scraps of paper, the sessions inspire others.

Tommy Morrison’s training regime

Day One would involve five rounds of shadowboxing and five rounds on the heavy bag.

This would be followed later by seven further rounds of working on his punching technique.

‘The Duke’ was one of his day’s hardest-hitting and renowned hitters. It’s no surprise to learn of his dedication to the craft.

Tommy’s main dislike was pounding the tarmac.

“Shadowboxing, Heavy bag, punch mitts, double end bag, weights, sprints, and running.

“If Tommy were here today, he would admit to you that the only part of the training schedule he disliked was the running,” said wife Trish.

“Share it. Print it. Use it. Get in the gym and do it!”

Notorious for partying as hard as he trained during his heyday, Morrison found significant fame for his role in ‘Rocky V.’

Working alongside Sylvester Stallone, who plucked him from obscurity in 1989 at 11-0 with 11 KOs, Morrison became a household name before his boxing career even took off.

Heavyweight force

Fighting over 50 times in his pro career, Morrison was planning a comeback in 2012 before succumbing to illness a year later.

Career highlights were Morrison’s 1993 domination of George Foreman for the WBO crown. Also, a sixth-round stoppage of Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock in 1995.

Defeats only to world-class operators Ray Mercer, Michael Bentt, and Lennox Lewis, proved Morrison’s credentials as one of the best caucasian fighters of his generation.

Labeled ‘The Great White Hope,’ Morrison became the first European-descended American top division ruler in decades.

Since achieving the feat, the United States is still waiting for another to follow in Morrison’s footsteps.

It could be a long wait.

Tommy does have two sons boxing in the heavyweight division at the moment. Kenzie and Trey are both trying to make their way into the sport.

However, the pair of half-brothers are some way away from getting a heavyweight title shot anytime soon.

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