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Home » Exclusive: Nedal Hussein scolds WBC after Manny Pacquiao storm

Exclusive: Nedal Hussein scolds WBC after Manny Pacquiao storm

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Boxer Nedal Hussein believes the World Boxing Council has been dropping in stature for years after a cheat storm erupted over his loss to Manny Pacquiao.

Referee Carlos Padilla admitted to prolonging a count to allow Pacquiao recovery time after he was knocked down by Hussein in their 2000 clash.

The US-Filipino official also stated he purposely called a headbutt by Pacquiao as a punch so Hussein could be stopped on a cut late in the fight.

Both these admissions from Padilla caused reactions from boxing fans worldwide to a video interview made by the WBC.

In it, both the WBC and Padilla were nonchalant over what many see as blatant cheating.

Carlos Padilla cheating storm

Firstly, Padilla laughed it off when discussing his role. Secondly, the WBC posted an article accompanying their video.

It said in part: “With a chuckle, he [Carlos Padilla] recalls the epic dust between tall Nedal “Skinny” Hussein and Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines.

“Manny was knocked down hard in the fourth. Carlos recalls he might have prolonged the count a bit, and Manny clinched Nedel for dear life.

“Then a clash of heads, which he saw as a punch, was eventually stopped by the ring doctor in the tenth.

“Much to the [annoyance] of Nedal’s trainer Jeff Fenech. Carlos remembers: “Jeff told me I’d see you in Mexico at the Convention. I thought you go ahead!”

World Boxing Council

Hussein spoke to World Boxing News exclusively to air his views on the WBC over the past two decades since his defeat.

“The WBC in the last twenty years has had a very bitter taste,” Hussein told WBN. “They have awarded titles to people that don’t deserve titles.

“They have put people in positions as the sanctioning body that are not worthy of it. So right now, the WBO and the IBF are leading the way in terms of fairness in the sport. The WBC is a far way behind.

“I think the WBC is money-grabbing these days. It’s money, money, money. Collect belts because there are three or four champions at every belt.”

Asked by WBN for his view on the WBC making the video private before re-posting it, Hussein responded:

“I didn’t know they took the video down, to be honest,” he stated. “That’s the element of guilt.

“They know they were guilty, so they are trying to wash it down.”

Manny Pacquiao or WBC President

On whether WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman or Manny Pacquiao tried to contact him over the incident and whether he expects Padilla to face punishment, the Australian added: “I am not expecting to hear from Sulaiman or Pacquiao, to be honest. But that’s all good as I can live without them.

“Carlos Padilla is an 88-Year-old man. No one is going to hold him accountable for anything.

“The WBC should maybe make it a no-contest or declare the right guy the winner. I didn’t expect anything more from the WBC.

“It’s really the WBC over the last few years. It has really taken a wack for the worst.”

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of experienced boxing writer Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, Twitter