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Devin Haney remains WBC champion despite defeat

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The WBC faced questions over the weekend as Devin Haney woke up Sunday morning as the WBC super lightweight champion despite losing.

Haney got dropped three times by Ryan Garcia on his way to a majority decision defeat against his fierce rival in Brooklyn. The pair engaged in a Fight of the Year contender, in which Haney had his moments during the contest.

However, his first loss has since caused WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman to face tough questions. Sulaiman felt the need to explain himself after a barrage from confused fans.

“Congratulations to Ryan GarcÌa, defying all obstacles and winning a huge fight. Congratulations to Devin Haney for showing his huge heart and class. Just as in Corrales vs Castillo 2, with the challenger not making weight, Haney remains the WBC champion,” said Sulaiman

When someone suggested Haney should be stripped, Sulaiman responded: “How about you learning the rules? They are public and have always been. Castillo didn’t make weight vs Castillo II. Corrales remained as champion.”

That is true. Castillo came in overweight for his 2005 rematch with Corrales. The second helping happened on the back of one of the most dramatic fights of all time five months before.

Castillo scaled well over the 135-pound lightweight limit, with Corrales hitting 135 to keep his title even in defeat. The late legend ironically lost his title on the scales a year later when coming in four pounds over the limit.

Following Haney’s loss, he keeps the green and gold belt and has an immediate decision to make. Sandor Martin is the current mandatory challenger, meaning Haney will have to commit to that fight, or he will no longer be the champion.

“The Dream” has a recovery to go through first after denying breaking his cheekbone after Garcia announced it on social media.

“I have not broken anything, by the way. Like I said, I’m OK,” said Haney. “Alhamdulillah Allah is the perfect planner. He makes no mistakes.”

Haney alluded to a potential rematch with Garcia when addressing what could be next for him.

“I fought like a true champion. I got up off the canvas and kept fighting. I am one hundred percent OK and would love to do it again while we both make weight.

You should be able to take it the same way you dish it out. I will be back, InshaAllah,” he added.

Garcia vs Haney II at welterweight would be the choice of the fans and media. However, there are plenty of decisions to make before that process begins.

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