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Canelo is lost in translation, irate over Lionel Messi shirt and b***j**

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Boxing champion Canelo Alvarez got lost in translation after launching an attack on Lionel Messi after Mexico’s World Cup defeat.

The former Pound for Pound king took to social media to blast Messi for what looked like an innocuous kick of a Mexico shirt as he tried to take his boots off.

Video footage clarifies that Messi did no wrong. However, Canelo went for the jugular as fans questioned his wording.

Canelo on Lionel Messi kicking a Mexico shirt

“Saw Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag,” said Canelo. “Since the Mexico shirt is on the ground, it’s already an insult.

“Stop bulls****ing about what was or wasn’t!”

he added a single word in his next onslaught that caused mass confusion in translation.

“Just as I respect Argentina, you have to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the country [Argentina]; I’m talking about Messi because of the b***j** he gave.

“I respect your country very much! This is not with your country,

“What happens is that he has never left his comfort zone and does not know what it is to go beyond. It burns for other Mexicans to do more.”

After defending himself against comebacks, Alvarez went even more into one.

“Don’t even tell him that, Jose, because since you’re Mexican, the b****** is going to lynch you. Greetings, do not worry me.

“Anyone who doesn’t defend their homeland is an a**hole. Fanaticism is one thing; your identity is another. Long live Mexican cabrons!

“It is one thing that they are better than us [in football]. Another thing is respect.

“Shut up, you b******, you’re not Mexican! You always defend everyone except people from Mexico.

“You throw s*** at all of Mexico, and you chromate the other hypocritical punch b******!”

Innocent flick

Responses to Canelo followed after many witnessed the video. It looked like an innocent flick.

“They want to break the balls and take everything out of context, they are in the locker room celebrating, and they are taking off their boots.

“Messi is the most humble, and he never disrespected anyone.”

“Exactly, he is taking off his shoes! No account or intention to kick the shirt. Apart from those shirts they exchange ending up drenched in sweat, it is not that they will frame them at that moment.

“Regardless that Messi has a large collection of shirts that he exchanges.”

Another added: “Unnecessary, Mr. Canelo.”

A third made a joke about how promoter Eddie Hearn always hoped to work with Canelo to keep himself relevant. They said: “Canelo unhappy with the b***j** Messi gave.

“He’s gonna get them off Eddie next time.”

Argentinian football legend Sergio Aguero asked Canelo to take a chill pill.

“Mr. Canelo, don’t go finding excuses or creating trouble, certainly, you don’t know soccer or what happens in a locker room.

“The shirts are always on the floor after a match as they are sweaty.”

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