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Canelo and Oscar De La Hoya’s relationship is over for good

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Pound for Pound star Canelo Alvarez confirmed he has no desire to patch things up with former promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

The undisputed super middleweight champion was asked whether he’d be interested in repairing his relationship with the man who took him from a teenage prodigy to the top of the boxing world.

Canelo’s response leaves no doubt that his friendship with De La Hoya is over for good.

“No, I don’t [think we can repair the relationship]. I’m not interested in being a friend with him,” Canelo told Fight Hub TV. “I’m good where I am, and I have nothing to with him. I don’t want him near me or close to me. I don’t want that kind of vibe in my life,” he added.

On whether there was still any animosity held that would stop him from communicating in the same room, Canelo replied: “The truth is I don’t like to fight with anyone. I’m a person who focuses on doing his thing.

“[De La Hoya] is doing his thing. I don’t know if he’s doing anything right now, but he should continue doing what he’s done his whole life.”

Asked about a recent social media exchange between the pair and De La Hoya stating he could beat him easily, Canelo said: “Boxing is a sport that I love, and I keep it alive, not him. Suddenly, he starts criticizing those who are keeping boxing alive. That’s not fair, and that’s why I said those things to him.”

De La Hoya had said: “Easy, hands down, easy. Nobody can stop this jab. In my prime, my footwork was impeccable.

“When you have heavy legs and heavy feet, and you’re walking on quicksand. A fighter like me, I would have probably had Floyd [Mayweather] Sr. training me. It probably would be a walk in the park.”

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A fight with Jaime Munguia is just weeks away, and Canelo will have to share the same room with De La Hoya once again on more than one occasion. The meeting will come after De La Hoya accused Canelo’s side of trying to push him out of appearing at the events.

“There was all kinds of s***, but we cleared everything up. Yeah, there was. Oh, Oscar can’t be part of it. What are you talking about? This is my company. It’s Golden Boy. How can I not be there? So, we got it all done with a little push and a little tug.

“I promised myself I would not let my ego get in the way, but I wanted to be here for this one, so I had to push back. I don’t know about working it all out, but will I go up to him and shake his hand? Yeah, I can do that. I have no ego.”

Fight week for Canelo vs Munguia will be interesting viewing.

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