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WATCH: Mike Tyson, 53, in best shape since 1980s at AEW gig

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Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is in his best shape since the 1980s after taking off his shirt at a recent AEW Wrestling appearance.

Tyson, who ruled boxing as the youngest top division ruler of all time during that period, let himself go in later years.

A spell in prison during the 1990s saw Tyson make a comeback. But a party lifestyle left his boxing unable to cope with the rigors of the sport.

In a much better place now, Tyson’s has been using cannabis as his medicine, alongside working out like a demon.

It’s clearly paying off as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ was ripped to shreds when scaring off Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts at ‘Double or Nothing’.

A regular on the professional wrestling circuit following similar jobs with the WCW and WWE, Tyson had the crowd lapping it up.

‘Iron’ Mike is making a comeback to boxing in his veteran years after going through a rigorous training regime.

A third fight with Evander Holyfield is expected to be confined in the coming days, with an exhibition over three or four rounds on the cards.

Joshua on MIKE TYSON

Current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua gave Tyson his blessing in a recent interview with British GQ vis Instagram.

Joshua said: “This is what we breathe, what we are. Especially someone like Tyson, that’s all that man knows.

“He’s a fighter… If he’s back in the ring, I would love to see it. I’d definitely be one of the viewers, that’s for sure.”

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has already said the World Boxing Council would rank Tyson should he desire it.

“I’m not going to kill the dream. I’m going to be very supportive of Mike Tyson. He deserves it. If the dream is to say ‘I will be ranked,’ I am saying yes, we will rank him,” said Sulaiman.

“Every world champion has a provision that he can come back, like Sugar Ray (Leonard), who was inactive. But Tyson’s case is different, he’s been away many years.

“But I am in full support of Mike Tyson. I believe this will bring entertainment and he’s doing it for charity. Furthermore, he wants to serve the world at this difficult moment.”