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Manny Pacquiao loaded gloves claim vs Antonio Margarito ridiculed

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Claims Manny Pacquiao had loaded gloves to damage the face of Antonio Margarito in their famous 2010 battle.

Pacquiao faced a ridiculous claim from some Margarito supporters after beating up the Mexican at Cowboys Stadium.

After World Boxing News revealed details of another cheating accusation against Margarito, fans turned on the “Pac-man.”

Manny Pacquiao marks

Due to the marks on Margarito from the twelve-round beating, suggestions have been raised that the Filipino legend mimicked the “Tijuana Tornado.”

Margarito’s insanely swollen face at the final bell gave his supporters a chance to fire back at Kermit Cintron’s recent allegations.

WBN reported that Cintron questioned whether his two losses to Margarito came under unfair circumstances before the Mexican got suspended.

Cintron fought Margarito in 2005 and 2008. The Puerto Rican was stopped on both occasions before Margarito was found to cheat against Shane Mosley.

The Miguel Cotto fight between the last Cintron battle and Mosley was then reviewed, and it found Margarito had loaded his gloves for that triumph.

Cotto gained revenge in a bloody rematch. However, Cintron never got the opportunity and is now sure something untoward occurred.

Antonio Margarito accusations

Two days later, both of my eyes were closed shut. No other fighter in my 50-fight career could have done the same. Why?

“That was the first fight. In the second fight, it was similar.

“After the fight, a reporter came into my dressing room. I quoted that I was feeling knuckles, that something wasn’t right.

“I’ve fought bigger punchers, but I’ve never felt anything like it. Margarito was the least of power, strength, and heavy-handed.”

Now, after WBN’s two-part story on the controversy, responses defending Margarito raised eyebrows. This scenario transpired due to the markings on the two-weight world champion’s face.

Pacquiao assault

“Pacquiao should be charged with assault. Anyone who did this to someone’s face clearly had something in their gloves,” said one.

Another added: “It looks like little Pacquiao had something in his gloves for the pictured fight.”

Margarito certainly has backing in some quarters, judging by two more comments on the story.

“If anyone ever suffered railroading of his career and good name [slander], it was Antonio Margarito.

“There was never anything illegal in his wrap that night other than a harmless used pad. Trainer Javier Capetillo accidentally put this in.

“The pad was tested by an independent lab and declared harmless, though technically illegal as a new pad should be used.

“No one ever claimed to find any plaster of any kind, although certain people lied when accusing him at the time of having plaster blocks and that the pad was smeared with a white plaster-like substance. Neither of these was mentioned in the lab report after testing.

“Hasn’t the poor guy suffered enough? Nothing was ever mentioned until that fateful night that gave excuses for Cotto and Cintron on why they were beaten by the better fighter.”

A final one from leftfield read: “Who benefits from this story? We must find clues.

“Let’s get the FBI on the way to investigate the boxing mafia.”

Pacquiao vs Margarito

Manny Pacquiao, going up in weight from 105 to 154, is championed as one of a professional boxer’s most remarkable feats.

Any suggestions that the boxing legend did anything other than beat Margarito to a pulp on the night are highly unfounded allegations.

Those claims were branded absurd by many Pacquiao backers in response to WBN on social media.

On the other hand, Margarito was charged and suspended for his misdemeanors against Cotto and Mosley.

As with Cintron, the rest of those cases remain an open book.

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