Doctor clears Antonio Margarito for ring return

Chris Farina

Former world champion Antonio “Tornado de Tijuana” Margarito has been approved to fight again after receiving a green light due to a medical thumbs up.

He’s undergone a similar process which was successfully applied to legendary Sugar Ray Leonard, who was able to return to the ring to one again become a hit and regain triumphs back during the 1980´s.

The World Boxing Council congratulates the Mexico City Boxing Commission and Promociones Zanfer due to their exemplary respect for the Medical Regulations in order to protect the physical integrity of boxers.

The President of the Boxing Commission of Mexico City, Ciro Nucci, ordered an Ophthalmologic test which was performed by Dr. Juan Gonzalez Preciado, a recognized specialist, selected by Mexico City Health Secretary, Armando Ahued, to valuate the visual condition of Antonio Margarito.

The World Boxing Council sends its best wishes to Antonio Margarito for a successful return to the ring.