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Gervonta Davis sums up Logan and Jake Paul in one word

Gervonta Davis summed up Logan and Jake Paul attempting to be boxers in one word in response to an influencer boxing list.

The WBA “regular” lightweight champion aired his views after Jake Paul released the top five wannabe boxers from YouTube and TikTok.

In a move that will have a large percentage of fans in agreement, Davis described all five, including Jake and Logan, as no better than a rear end.

Gervonta Davis on Logan and Jake Paul

Davis said: “They all a**!”

It wasn’t long before Jake returned fire. The ex-Disney child star said: “Floyd Mayweather’s son is upset his dad is fighting Deji for more dollars than he makes in his own fights.

“Little boy, stay in your place underneath Floyd.”

The beef between the pair has been evident for some time now. Jake previously stirred the pot when giving his opinion on Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia.

“A hundred percent. I’m rooting for Ryan in that fight,” said Paul.

“It’s going to be a tough fight. I think it’s a fifty-fifty fight. But you know Gervonta hasn’t really shown the ability to win a lot of rounds.

“Like with Barrios, he was losing many of those rounds on my scorecard.”

Floyd Mayweather Protection Program

Making accusations similar to those labeled at Eddie Hearn this week, Paul added: “Obviously, he is a Mayweather fighter.

“He’s in the Mayweather protection program, so many judges are probably paid off to score for Gervonta.

“But Barrios was winning those rounds, in my opinion, until he got dropped.

“So, if Ryan can not get hit with those big punches, then I think he could pull it off.”

Speaking to, Paul inserted himself into a row between Davis and Devin Haney over how they dress.

“I mean, it’s just corny like Gervonta was just basically online saying that Devin dresses like him and s***,” Paul noted.

“It’s like all people wear the same diamond, the same jewelry, the same watches, the same cars. It’s guys like Gervonta with God complex that think they invented fashion or they invented jewelry. So, it was just funny to see. Devin’s my boy, so I gotta clown some of his opponents.”

Davis has since aired his views on Paul’s career in the ring. He told I Am Athlete: “I mean, he’s not good. But he’s going that way if he’s continuing to stay in the gym.

“As you say, you get up in the morning like he’s a boxer. Do you know what I mean? He’s in the gym.”

Another non-fight

The younger Paul fights Anderson Silva next. A near 50-year-old former UFC legend. It’s a far cry from his promise to face an actual professional pugilist.

News on the undercard got released last Monday. WBN decided not to cover it, which says a lot.

Jake’s brother Logan is currently training to be a WWE wrestler in another attempt to stay relevant. He’s expected to appear again in September.

The pair’s shelf life in boxing looks like being cut short when the fad runs dry.

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