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WBC President recommends Protection For and From Humanity book

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World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman is firmly on board with a new book launched by author Todd Fox, World Boxing News can reveal.

Discussing ‘Protection For and From Humanity’ recently, Sulaiman was keen to point out his backing for what Fox had written.

Sulaiman spoke on the Human Protection YouTube channel, which you can see below. The book has a rating of four and a half stars on Amazon.


PROTECTION for & from HUMANITY is a specialized, protection focused book that shares systems and processes used by military and law enforcement special operations teams to protect dignitaries, officials, executives, and celebrities worldwide.

The book was designed with the private citizen in mind and is presented with a simple, common-sense approach.

The systems can be used in the daily operation of businesses or family activities alike.

It provides the reader with exclusive knowledge that was previously available to only a select group of people. It will help you protect your business, protect your family, and protect yourself.

It will change the way you view situations unfolding in your environment. PROTECTION for & from HUMANITY contains 215 pages of material and is offered in several formats.

Some of the chapters include Mindset, Situational Awareness, Adaptability & Foresight.

Plus, Environmental Analysis, Criminal Minds, Common Dangers, Required Knowledge, Response Options, Attack & Counter Equations.

Finally, Equation Manipulation, Stress & Inoculators, Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Advancing, Foreign Travel, Content Compression, Managing Change, and Core Attributes.