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Manny Pacquiao trains for combat YouTuber amid rematch rumors

Manny Pacquiao has begun tentative training for a December exhibition against a combat YouTuber as rumors of a comeback swirl.

“Pacman” is signed to battle DK Yoo in Seoul before the seasonal festivities but continually gets linked to facing Floyd Mayweather.

A fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez is also a potential option, but only in a non-official capacity.

All three are currently under the status of “retired.” However, Mayweather has stated one of his next three fights will be a complete professional contest.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather aims to make $200 million in prize money over the next twelve months. Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor are the only two fighters capable of generating that kind of money.

Therefore, Pacquiao is the massive favorite to get the nod for what could become a huge event in the Middle East.

Talks got underway between Mayweather and Pacquiao in 2020, as first reported by World Boxing News. They ultimately ended when conditions over Covid-19 made it unworkable.

Next year allows reigniting those negotiations with Saudi businesspeople who previously bankrolled Oleksandr Usyk’s dominant win over Anthony Joshua.

As WBN has outlined more than once, it’s no secret that Middle Eastern investors want to host Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2. But for now, both legends are busy with other agendas.

Manny Pacquiao vs DK Yoo

Pacquiao has DK Yoo in his sights. Mayweather has a date with a Japanese MMA star on September 24th in Tokyo. They will pocket millions for their efforts.

Hopefully, after they finish their respective mismatches, fans will get be able to see the most significant exhibition of all time – either that or another professional fight between the pair.

There’s undoubtedly unfinished business where they both are concerned.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao took a leaf out of Mayweather’s book with a cryptic message for fans. In the video, he used one of Mayweather’s adopted phrases.

“The greatest wealth is health. Always stay in shape physically and mentally,” Pacquiao said, a catchphrase used by Mayweather before. This post could be a subtle sign of what’s to come when 2023 rolls around.

Exhibition rematch

Turning 44 in December, Pacquiao may not be willing to return to full professional status for the Mayweather rematch. Instead, they may settle for the most lucrative exhibition ever signed.

Mayweather will be 46 on his next birthday and is already a grandfather.

Nonetheless, neither of the multi-weight world champions has lost their appetite for the sport. This scenario is good news for the fans who are not yet ready to let them ride off into the sunset.

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