World Champion Charlo Brothers rule out fighting each other, talk PEDs

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Esther Lin

The World Champion boxing Charlo Brothers spoke to respected interviewer Brian Custer recently in a candid and open discussion.

Talking to Custer on ‘The Last Stand’ Podcast, Jermall and Jermell were asked all the tough questions.

In a section of the conversation, Custer asked the Charlos about speculative performance enhancing drug allegations aimed at them.

They responded: “Anybody who cheats especially in this sport actually needs to be indicted as well as kicked out of boxing for the rest of their life,” said Jermell, the two-time super-welterweight title-holder.

“This is not fair because I’m putting my life on the line. I don’t want you to go in there and cheat. Me and my brother we have never done drugs or cheat.”

Two-weight ruler Jermall, who currently holds the WBC ‘Regular’ strap, added: “We for real. We invest in ourselves. We’ve got the best trainers. We doing things our body wants to do, and everybody else is struggling to make weight.

“They’re struggling to be as strong as us. The one thing they can’t train is their chin and were going to hit em’ right on the chin!”


On why they are the lightning rods of boxing, they replied: “We love all the boxing fans. If you watch boxing you know the Charlo twins. It’s what we do.

“To be honest with you, I don’t think there is any boxer we like. Boxers are cool, we’re just competitive. It’s nothing personal against the boxers. But hey, we want to be great.

“This is what comes with the territory that’s why it’s Lions Only!”

Concluding on whether they would ever fight each other in the ring, Jermall began first by saying: “We would never fight each other.

“We couldn’t prepare for each other. It wouldn’t be special…not for me.”

Jermell stated: “Never! never in my life would I ever want to get in the ring and be like this is the guy I want to dominate. To knock out and beat up.

“That’s my twin brother. We grew up together. It never can happen. The boxing world can cut that short.”

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