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Home » Warren says ‘WBC not the problem’ as Whyte files grievance

Warren says ‘WBC not the problem’ as Whyte files grievance

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Frank Warren has astonishingly spoken out in defense of Dillian Whyte after the heavyweight contender filed a grievance with the World Boxing Council.

Reports of legal action against the WBC have been swirling around the media this week. As WBN understands the situation from the inside, Whyte has merely filed a grievance against the Rules and Regulations – nothing more.

Warren has now come out in support of Whyte, stating ‘The Body Snatcher’ should certainly look a lot closer to home for his troubles.

Dillian Whyte

Asked whether he’d consider Whyte as an opponent for Daniel Dubois, Warren wasted no time saying ‘absolutely’ but understands Dillian’s frustration at not getting a world title shot.

Whyte has been mandatory with the WBC for 331 days. Even longer as the number one before that.

The Hall of Fame promoter said: “It’s incredible what’s happened with him. He was ranked number one with the WBO for God knows how long?

“He was ranked number one with the WBC, too, and he’s not got the fights. If I were him, I’d be asking the question… ‘Why hasn’t my promoter been able to get me those fights?’

“He’s on about suing the WBC (WBN understand that is not the case yet), but they don’t seem to be the problem.

“It’s remarkable. I can’t think of another British fighter who’s been left out to dry as much as him. He was in the same stable as the WBO Champion and still couldn’t get a shot.

“You can see why he’s upset. He doesn’t feel he’s been looked after. At this point, Dillian must be wondering if he’s ever going to get a shot over there.”

Warren was clear that if Whyte were fighting under his banner, the situation would be different.

“If Dillian were with me, he would have fought for a world title by now,” he added.


Furthermore, comparing Whyte’s fortunes to that of Tyson Fury, whose astonishing comeback was masterminded by Frank Warren, he continued: “I had Tyson Fury fighting for a world title within six months of signing with him.

“We kept him nice and active and got him the Wilder fight. Look what’s happened since. Tyson is an absolute global superstar on the verge of the biggest contract in boxing history.”

Returning to his confidence in the future of Queensberry Promotions, Warren said: “In addition, we always look to do the best job for our fighters. To give them the best chance for success at a world level. We aim to make good money for them and their families.

“That’s why we think we’re in such a good place going forward.”