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Dillian Whyte doesn’t know what else he has to do to get WBC title shot

Dillian Whyte is yet again frustrated at the fact his shot at the World Boxing Council heavyweight title is potentially going to be delayed further.

An initial date on February 2021 was laid down by the WBC for Whyte to face the current champion, Tyson Fury.

The coronavirus outbreak, coupled with a possible undisputed championship bout with Anthony Joshua has led to Whyte expecting the worst.

Asked during an interview with ‘The AK and Barak Show’ on Sirius XM recently whether he’s all but given up, the Briton aired his response.

“No, I want to fight for any (title). I want all the belts, but in the WBC I did the most work for them,” pointed out Whyte. “I’ve won every single one of there titles I am eligible for, all apart from the world title.

“I have been mandated to fight Tyson Fury for the Diamond Belt but Fury turned the fight down. I have been trying to fight Deontay Wilder for 100 years now.

“I’m the WBC interim champion, WBC international champion, WBC silver champion, WBC Int. gold champion and I’m the WBC mandatory!”


Dillian Whyte is due to fight Alexander Povetkin in his next outing should be the bout get rearranged. On what may be next after the Russian, Whyte stated: “When I get passed Povetkin that’s when I fight the top two above me in Fury and Anthony Joshua,” said ‘The Body Snatcher’.

“Wilder is not even in there as no one is really talking about Wilder anymore. That sucker is gone. He took his licks and he ran off into the night never to be seen again.

“That’s the thing about boxing. You’re here today gone tomorrow.

“I just want to fight the best fighters and fight for titles. I have been around long enough. Everyone who has been around a similar time to me or just after me or just before me, they have fought two or three times for world title.

“I am the only one that ain’t fought for no world title. I don’t get it why are they waiting for me to get old,” he concluded.