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Alejandra Jimenez suspended for nine months, ex-WBC champ reinstated

Alejandra Jimenez suspended by the World Boxing Council

Former WBC super-middleweight champion Alejandra Jimenez has been suspended for nine months after a positive test result from her clash with Franchon Cruz-Dezurn.

Jimenez, a former heavyweight title-holder, dropped down to 168 to challenge Cruz-Dezurn for her strap earlier this year.

Despite a fanfare for her achievement, it soon emerged that there was an adverse finding in her results.

The WBC opened an investigation, whilst placing the title in suspended animation whilst the findings were pending.

Months later, the World Boxing Council has now given a final ruling.

“Firstly, on January 10, 2020, Alejandra Jimenez defeated Franchon Cruz Dezurn by split decision conquering The WBC super-middleweight championship,” the WBC explained.

“On January 24, 2020, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association notified the WBC of a problem. That the contents of a random, out-of-competition urine sample that VADA collected from Alejandra Jimenez on January 10, 2020, as part of the WBC Clean Boxing Program, yielded an adverse finding for Stanozolol.

“On February 10, 2020, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (“TDLR”) suspended Alejandra Jimenez for 90 days and declared the bout a “ No Decision.”

“January 27, 2020 – The WBC Board of Governors issued an order provisionally suspending its recognition of Ms. Jimenez as WBC Super Middleweight World Champion.

“The WBC administered a thorough process in which Ms. Jimenez and her team had an absolute opportunity to present their side of the matter. They considered the evidence presented by Ms. Jimenez and a variety of members from her team.

“The WBC met in person with Jimenez in a hearing. They then conducted videoconference meetings on a variety of occasions. The complete file was studied and analyzed by five independent scientists.

“The WBC considered as extenuating circumstances the facts that Ms. Jimenez:

(1) has never tested positive for any banned substance in any tests she has undergone during her boxing career.

(2) offered her full cooperation with the WBC’s inquiry.

(3) consistently denied having ingested any substance to enhance her performance.

(4) has been a strong, public advocate of PED testing, and specifically of the WBC CBP.

(5) tested negative in 4 out of competition tests, including one just one day after the positive result. That was negative after the fight testing.

(6) subjected herself voluntarily to an Adjudication Agreement with the WBC.


“Ms. Jimenez’s agreement with the WBC is not an admission that she indeed purposely ingested a banned substance to improve her performance.  Instead, in the Adjudication Agreement, Ms. Jimenez does not dispute the WBC CBP finding as revealed by the anti-doping test.

“As part of the WBC/Jimenez Adjudication Agreement, Ms. Jimenez agreed to the following:

a. Alejandra Jimenez suspended – A suspension of nine (9) months from WBC activity starting on the date of the collection of the sample that yielded the adverse finding, until on October 10, 2020.

b. “Probation Status” for one (1) year from the end of the suspension set forth above, or until October 10, 2021.

c. Additional random anti-doping tests under the WBC CBP through the duration of her Probation Status. The timing and frequency of the additional tests shall be at the WBC CBP’s sole discretion.

d. In the event of any adverse finding, or any other situation that the WBC considers reasonable proof that Alejandra Jimenez has ingested any WBC CBP-banned substance during her Probation Status period, the WBC shall have the right to suspend Alejandra Jimenez indefinitely

Furthermore, they will impose any additional penalties it deems appropriate.

e. Considering the current global economic crisis, The WBC will not impose a monetary fine to Ms. Jimenez.

f. As a result of the Adjudication Agreement, the WBC declared the result of the Franchon-Crews v. Jimenez bout a “no-contest”. Thus reinstating its recognition of Franchon Crews Dezurn as the WBC World Super Middleweight Female World Champion.