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Ex-heavyweight champ eyes WBC u-turn after transgender claims

Former WBC heavyweight champion Alejandra Jimenez has filed a complaint against the World Boxing Counicl citing discrimination.

The WBC suspended the 35-year-old Mexican in early 2020 over a failed drug test. She never boxed again after defeating Franchón Crews-Dezurn on January 11 of that year.

During the furor over an adverse sample finding, accusations Jimenez was born a man surfaced and caused an uproar. Since then, Jimenez has fought to clear her name.

In a recent update, Jimenez states she wants the WBC to reinstate her as a world champion after giving Crews-Dezurn the title back one month after their encounter.

Alejandra Jimenez fights the WBC

Three years have passed, but Jimenez refuses to give up on the transgender and steroid claims against her. She is adamant she has Hypothyroidism, which translates to
an underactive thyroid where your thyroid gland [a small gland in your neck] does not produce enough hormones.

In a statement, she said: “Today on the International Day against LGBTOdio in Sports, I assume this space is hostile to us as sexual dissidents.

“However, we continue to raise our voices so that it becomes a safe space for everyone,” said Jimenez adding an LGBT flag emoji.

She continued: “This week there were demonstrations regarding what the did through its president Mauricio Sulaiman. They denied how discriminatory acts they did against me within the complaint filed to Conapred [the institution responsible for the policy in favor of equality and against discrimination in Mexico].

“I demand an objective investigation, with a gender perspective and a human rights approach that allows me access to justice.

“I seek comprehensive reparation for the damage, but above all, I want the guarantee that no other woman or person within sport and boxing will return to live what I lived for by having a dissident and diverse gender expression.

“We request the intervention and pronouncement of any instance obliged to guarantee a life free of violence for women and sexual dissidents.

“We will not stop until the sport is transformed and my name is claimed as world champion and boxer.”

Heavyweight and super middleweight champion

The WBC had previously backed Jimenez in the fight to prove she was a woman. It seems the prominent bone of contention for the WBC is the drug test failure,

“Alejandra Jimenez is a single mother,” said the WBC at the time of the allegations. “She gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Ailime, at the age of 21.

“As a young woman, Alejandra was excessively overweight after the birth of her daughter. At the age of 23, she found a boxing gym, which eventually changed her life.

“She made her professional boxing debut. Furthermore, Alejandra has worked very hard and has overcome all obstacles.

“She reached the maximum glory in her sport by winning the WBC Heavyweight World Championship against Martha Salazar in Cancun in March of 2016.

“She then inspired herself and, through exemplary effort and sacrifice, set her goal to fight at a considerably lower weight in the super middleweight division.”

Jimenez was successful in both weight classes. In addition, the primary fight is for equal rights and her recognition as a two-weight champion with the WBC.

The fight continues.

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