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Ex-heavyweight champ retires from boxing after transgender claims

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A former heavyweight champion who boiled down to win the super-middleweight crown has retired from the sport after a suspension.

Heavyweight to super middleweight

Alejandra Jimenez, who won the WBC crown at 200 pounds plus in 2016 before dropping 32 pounds to do the same at 168, steps away amid transgender claims.

Attempting to explain her male attributes following claims from a former opponent that she was born a man, Jimenez made a lengthy statement earlier this year.

Jimenez had received a nine-month suspension from the World Boxing Council and had her title given back to Franchon Crews Dezurn after testing positive for a banned substance following their fight in January 2020.

Despite being eligible to fight in 2021, Jimenez has decided to walk away with a “bitter taste” in her mouth.

Her boxing career ends with an undefeated 12-0-1 record with one no-contest [against Dezurn].


“Life has taught me a very strong lesson,” said Jimenez. “With a bitter taste, it’s one of those times when I wish things were different. But unfortunately, it’s not.

“Today, I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. Today I say goodbye to professional boxing.

“Unfortunately, it’s not for the reasons I would have wanted and not at the time I wanted. But that’s it. Unfortunately, our sport is surrounded by many people who make it dirty, pollute it, and break the dreams and careers of many athletes.

“I can not allow this to continue to happen. That sexism, homophobia, and injustices continue to remain silent and in oblivion due to fear, ignorance, and even the habit of letting those who “lead” the sport.”

Jiminez hopes that her stepping away will have a positive impact and make those at the helm realize the issues that need addressing.

“I said I would make way for the girls who follow in the footsteps of us professional boxers. I hope that, while I can not continue to do it above the ring, this message can move the fibers in those who even fear to keep silent.

“There are consequences for those who still treat women as inferior. I hope that tomorrow this world is a better world for my daughters, and yes, that justice is done.

“I hope my work is worth it because I made history. But I could have done much, much more.”


Alejandra Jimenez ended her final words by clarifying that she has a hormone defect that makes her look a certain way.

“Faith of mistakes. I don’t have hyperthyroidism. I have hypothyroidism. The nerve and a thousand sensations of the moment caused my mistake in explaining.”

The last line is telling from Jimenez, who felt compelled to defend transgender claims from former opponent Carlette Ewell.

After they fought in 2017, Ewell went on the offensive and accused Jimenez of being born a man.

She said: “I’ve been in Alejandra’s presence and fought her. I think she sounds like a man. She has the features of a man.

“She could have had a sex change to a woman. If she did, it doesn’t appear that nothing can be done about her competing as a woman.

“I found what I was looking for. Yes, Alejandra was born a man and transitioned to a woman. We were absolutely correct. You would know because you are all man.

“Her hormones and body mass had to be calculated on how much to lose weight within a specified time within a year or longer to prevent health issues.

“Better know her team knows this. So does the WBC. Everyone keeps hush-hush because it’s about the dollars and having Alejandra fight Claressa [Shields].”

The Shields fight never took place, and since Jimenez hung up her gloves, the WBC will no longer be looking into the issue.

Since her official decision, Jimenez has been teaching endurance techniques and moving on from the sport she once ruled.

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