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Strongman Eddie Hall has knockout history ahead of Thor clash

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World’s Strongest Man (2017) Eddie Hall has a history of stepping inside the ropes ahead of the ‘Heaviest Boxing Match Ever’ against Hafthor Bjornsson.

A 2012 charity bout shows Hall displaying decent boxing skills, which he may have honed further in the eight years since.

Hall is preparing to battle Strongman rival Bjornsson in Las Vegas in 2021 after the fight was postponed for a year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Both men are currently training hard and have plenty of time to get themselves in fighting shape for their Pay-Per-View blockbuster.

Eddie Hall

The fact two Strongest Man winners – Hall three years ago and Bjornsson twelve months later – are stepping between the ropes is a big crowd-puller.

It’s a far cry from two YouTubers trying to act like professionals and deserves far more recognition than such farces as those we’ve seen of late.

Hall and Thor don’t like each other after the controversial ending to the 2017 competition. Thor was judged to have fouled in one of the rounds. This ultimately handed Hall the win despite a protest.

Now, the pair will settle things like men in the ring. Hall has prior from a few years ago when he halted his foe late in the contest.

Watch the video above of Hall in action.

Over the weekend, Thor posted a video of him attempting to make a right-hand slammer perfect enough to connect on the chin of Hall.

Although slow, the pair will both be at this disadvantage when the first bell goes. It could simply be a case of who lands first.



Social media on both sides has been awash with boxing training of late. They are intensifying since Thor beat the 500kg deadlift record of ‘The Beast.’

Eddie Hall remains top, though. He says it’s on the basis he reached his feat in competition. Even though Thor looked far more comfortable when achieving his target of 501kg.

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