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Hafthor Bjornsson drops weight mass in astounding boxing transformation

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Former World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson is no longer “The Beast” he played in Game of Thrones. Right now, he’s probably not even a Thor.

The ex-Icelandic powerhouse is far slimmer these days ahead of a proposed boxing match with one-time strongman rival Eddie Hall.

Bjornsson’s training to compete in our sport has taken a far more intense turn of late as the weight falls off the 32-year-old.

Just like Hall, Bjornsson has shed the bulk he purposely kept for competition in the Strongman series. All in aid of being able to maneuver inside the ropes.

Their fight was due to go down in Las Vegas in September 2020. Since then, it’s gotten moved due to the pandemic. It got subsequently penciled in for the fall.

Predicting a knockout, it would be some feat for Bjornsson to drop Hall when the pair finally do collide.

He said: “Heaviest boxing match in history takes place September 18th! Tickets are finally on sale!! Grab yours now to witness me knock out Eddie Hall!”

Sadly, September 18th also fell apart due to an injury to Hall, and Bjornsson will now face an alternative foe.

Hall stated: “Awake and recovery is going well. Unfortunately, this means the fight between Thor and me will be rescheduled,” on an operation to fix a detached bicep.

Hafthor Bjornsson

Hafthor Bjornsson

Hafthor Bjornsson

Ever the sportsman, Bjornsson wished Hall well.

“I’m taking this extremely seriously, and I’ll be even more prepared. When Eddie is ready, I’ll be waiting,” said Bjornsson.

It could be 2022 by the time they finally trade blows, with Las Vegas possibly back in the running once all is said and done.

For now, Bjornsson could put his weight loss on hold as he’s beginning to look completely different from the man he once was.

Against Steven Ward, Bjornsson weighed 344 pounds back in May. It would be no surprise to learn he’s no much closer to the 300-pound mark – or even under slightly.

At 304 pounds, Hall looks in fantastic shape as he prepares for an appearance at the Arnold Sports Festival in the UK next month.

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