EXCLUSIVE: Bob Arum seeks solution, Eddie Hearn eyes ‘hotel takeover’

Head pugilistic honchos Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn are both looking into how the sport comes back alive after a two-month delay.

Arum is considering his options. whilst Hearn has revealed plans to ‘take over a hotel’ in order to create an environment to stage live boxing events in the near future.

The Matchroom boss has been sitting at home racking his brains as his company loses the opportunity to make money by the day.

In his latest brainwave, Hearn outlined the conditions which could be attainable in order to get the sport moving again.

Hearn’s words come on the same day the British Boxing Board of Control stated a July date could be possible if lockdown was eased by then.

“I want to build a fight camp, a different kind of environment, more dramatic,” Hearn told the BBC. “It will look spectacular on TV. We need to dramatize it.

“It’s about taking over a hotel, testing all the teams, creating a sterile fight camp where no one goes in until we know they’ve had a negative test.

“It’s about creating changing room areas, ring walks. It will add to the story.”

The BBBofC confirmed crowds will not be able to be present at any shows – in the beginning.

“Initially, it is unlikely that crowd attending promotions will be permitted,” the Board pointed out.

“In that situation, the emphasis will be on minimal numbers of Officials, Licence Holder’s, members of the Promoter’s team and broadcasting personnel to facilitate a tournament that meets all BBBofC safety requirements.”


Speaking exclusively to World Boxing News, Top Rank Chairman Bob Arum outlined his own intentions on the conundrum.

“People say, ‘well the fights are nothing the crowds’ but what’s the alternative? That would certainly mean no fights,” Arum told WBN.

“So certainly fights without crowds are better than no fights at all. There will be a lot of innovation, but we’re in uncharted territory. We’re going to figure it out.

“I mean, promoters whether they are American promoters or your very good promoters in the UK. They will figure it out.

“We have to. We have no other alternative,” added the 88-year-old.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay