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Home » Exclusive: Amir Khan on delay, plans ‘one or two more fights’

Exclusive: Amir Khan on delay, plans ‘one or two more fights’

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Former unified super-lightweight ruler Amir Khan has admitted the current coronavirus delay to life will eventually shorten the number of fights on his CV.

Speaking exclusively to World Boxing News this week, Khan outlined plans to return to the ring this spring.

That blueprint has been scuppered by the outbreak of COVID-19 as the whole of the United Kingdom remains on lockdown.

Discussing the ongoing situation and the possible effect on his career, the Bolton man is simply waiting it out like the rest of us.

“It is a bit of a weird time. Obviously, it’s not good for boxing because it’s put everyone on hold,” Khan told WBN. “It’s especially not suitable for people with titles and fights coming up. So it’s a bit of a tough time.

“I was looking at a fight time of around April. I wanted to do it before Ramadan, maybe at the end of March.

“The coronavirus kicked off. Everyone is doing the same thing, and we don’t know when it will stop. Let’s see what happens.

“Hopefully, this coronavirus clears up, and things will return to normal. We don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know when boxing will get back on top again.

“When is it going to start again? All we can do is hope and get on with our measures to help the NHS.

Amir Khan on retirement

Asked if retirement was possible due to the delay, Khan added: “I’m not thinking about retirement yet.

“I’ve probably got one or two fights left; all well.

“Maybe it could have been more, but the current situation has stopped everyone from fighting.”

Last time out, Khan headed to Saudi Arabia to take on Billy Dib in a highly lucrative event.

After an easy win, ‘King’ Khan wanted to push on with bigger plans after a UK blockbuster with Kell Brook fell apart yet again.

One possibility is a super-fight with old training partner Manny Pacquiao, provided the Filipino Senator doesn’t land a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

Khan missed out on facing both during the height of his ring tenure and would jump at the chance of a meeting with either in 2020 or 2021.

For now, the 33-year-old must await government advice on social distancing before arranging further training camps.

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