Tyson Fury reveals ‘Joe Louis Bum a Month Campaign’ was shot down

Mike Tyson Tyson Fury

📸 Mikey Williams

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has revealed he offered to begin a ‘Bum a Month Campaign’ in order to compete up to ten times per year.

The 30 year-old, who is nursing a cut suffered in a recent win over Otto Wallin, was speaking to boxing legend Mike Tyson in a recent interview.

Participating in Tyson’s ‘HotBoxin’ Podcast’, Fury discussed many aspects of his career, including a Joe Louis inspired fight fest of activity.

“When you’re starting off, you can have all these types of fights. In my first year as a professional I had nine fights,” Fury explained to Tyson.

“Then, the more you step up, the more the fights become less because they need more time to build and sell them.

“I wish I could fight ten times a year, once a month would be good. I offered to do a bum a month campaign like Joe Louis – they won’t let me do it,” he added.

Asked by Tyson his thoughts on current unified champion Andy Ruiz, Fury replied:  “I think his win over (Anthony) Joshua was a very good win on two weeks’ notice.

“But I would tie one hand behind my back. I could use either one and just jab his nut right off. That would be the easiest fight ever,” the Briton predicted.

Fury has a massive fight with Deontay Wilder laid down for February 22nd of 2020.

Mike Tyson Tyson Fury
📸 Mikey Williams


Speaking to Tyson himself during a later episode, Ruiz admitted he’s open to a battle with Fury in the future.

“I know I became the champion of the world, I want to defend it a lot of times. I want to fight Tyson Fury,” Ruiz told ‘Iron’ Mike.

On what plans he has after boxing, Ruiz added: “My dad’s a contractor so what we want to do is to build an empire of construction.

“I can build like a lot of houses over there in my home town.”

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