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Home » Eddie Hearn’s Rudy Giuliani hair dye fail confirmed to be fake

Eddie Hearn’s Rudy Giuliani hair dye fail confirmed to be fake

An image of Eddie Hearn doing the rounds on social media claims to show the Matchroom boss having a hair fail.

The screen grab, which saw validity immediately questioned, compared the promoter to former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Fans flocked to comment asking if the picture was real, with some attempting to explain what might be happening.

“That’s his spray-on hair,” said one. Another added: “It’s the plugs from his transplant, they need changing.”

However, Hearn eventually responded and saw the funny side by telling the original Photoshop creator: “Good work. I’ve even had my mates asking if it’s real.”

Hearn is over in Saudi Arabia and is promoting a couple of his fighters on the ‘Ring of Fire’ bill topped by Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. He hopes to pit Anthony Joshua against the winner in 2025.

AJ has traveled to the region as a guest of honor and will be ringside to witness the historic event that he feels should have involved him. However, two comprehensive losses to Usyk kept Joshua out of the frame.

Back in form, the Londoner is well-placed to get a final shot at becoming a four-belt titleholder. Previously, the two-time champion only managed to secure three versions of the championship.

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