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Fears for Tyson Fury after drunken faceplant video

There are genuine fears for Tyson Fury after the heavyweight appeared as a drunken mess in a video. Fury staggered out of a UK pub before faceplanting onto the sidewalk.

The ex-WBC champion is the star of a viral video doing the rounds, showing Fury in a state as he went on a bender, reportedly in Morecambe.

Fury has been down this round before after retiring from boxing in 2015. “The Gypsy King” piled out over 100 pounds in weight as he went on binges of alcohol, drugs, and food.

The clip below doesn’t make for good viewing ahead of a rematch with Oleksandr Usyk in December. Fury’s drunken episode comes just weeks after he suffered the first defeat of his professional career.

Usyk almost knocked Fury out in the ninth round of an undisputed collision in Saudi Arabia before winning the fight on points. The pair are due to meet again in six months.

Fury could risk another multi-million dollar payday if he spirals out of control for the second time in his career.

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