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Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul to get new date with pro fight in jeopardy

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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will announce a new date for their controversial fight on Friday as a cloud remains over the event.

WBN reported that Tyson’s fight with Paul would likely hit the scrap heap following health issues involving the former heavyweight champion. As the pair prepare to inform fans that the show goes on, whether Paul vs Tyson will be a professional contest hangs in the balance – if it does go ahead.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” had to postpone a July 20 date following a stomach ulcer flare-up, leaving his YouTube opponent scouting for other options. Meanwhile, World Boxing News sought advice from medical experts on Tyson’s stomach issues and now believes Tyson’s competing in a professional capacity is too dangerous. One false punch in the wrong place, specifically the midriff, could be life-threatening for Tyson. As previously explained, the ulcer can rupture and pour stomach liquid into Tyson’s abdominal wall, causing significant damage that would require immediate surgery.

This scenario means there could be some provisions to the rules that push the contest towards an exhibition.

The fact that Tyson is 58 was already a massive factor in the fight facing staunch opposition. Now that the Netflix event faced a delay on medical grounds due to problems with a nearly sixty-year-old competitor, the writing is on the wall. Fans wanted Tyson pulled from the fight last month, even before the ulcer incident on a flight from Miami to Florida. But once Tyson needed attention from paramedics, it was clear the former heavyweight champion’s ailment was no joke.

The only question is, will the fight get over the line when months remain? If Paul decides to go for another few weeks of publicity with a new date, there are still no guarantees over Tyson’s health. Even if most Valuable Promotions promise the fight will happen, the reaction to Paul fighting Tyson with a severe stomach problem won’t be positive. Paul got away with it before, as Tyson was supposedly in great shape and free from any issues. But now that Tyson has a serious condition worsened by impact, it’s hard to see how the fight is viable.

Should Tyson be injured badly in the fight, the lawsuit from Mike Tyson’s family alone would cost more than the entire event. It doesn’t seem to be an exercise worth undertaking when a boxing legend‘s health is in the balance. Not to mention that boxing fans would never forgive Paul and that his career in the sport would effectively be over. Therefore, eventually pulling the plug looks to be the only real decision to make.

Reports that Paul will face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. or Darren Till, both scheduled for the undercard, are now prominent on social media. It’s undoubtedly possible that Paul will bump either to the main event but when backed into a corner later down the line so he can keep Tyson in the background in the hope that he’s cleared to fight – even with modified rules.

Don’t hold your breath for Paul vs. Tyson ever getting over the line as the Texas Department of Licence and Regulation – plus the World Boxing Council; both told WBN they are monitoring Mike Tyson’s health.

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